Exhibitor List 2017

A&M SEGURIDAD Y SUPERVIVENCIA EN EL MAR S.A.C. - AMSUMARPerúShips & Boats: Rafts, Boats, Radio Beacons, Life Jackets, Compases, Navigation Lighting859
AC STAG S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: CNG & LPG Conversion Equipment, Power Generators547
ADM - ASESORAMIENTO, DISEÑO Y MONTAJES INDUSTRIALESEspañaProcessing: Lines of Cutting, Cooking, Glazing, Defrosting, Treatment, Packing and Dosed, Box Classified and Palletizing, Complete Fishing Lines125
ALFA LAVAL S.A.PerúProcessing: Decanters, Centrifuges, Oil Refining Plants, Sanitary Pumps and Valves, Heat Exchangers, Oil Purifiers for Boats, Refrigeration, Boilers481
ALL MOTORS S.A.C. - EZ DOCKPerúShips & Boats: Floating Docks, Marine Engines Maintenance, Anti-Fouling Application, Change of Zinc Anodes167
ALMACENES SANTA CLARA S.A.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines669
AMERICAN VULKAN CORPORATIONU.S.A.Ships & Boats: High Flexible Couplings, Cardan Shaft Couplers215
ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUELColombiaAquaculture: Equipment and Plants for the Production of Aqua Feed and for the Biomass Pelleting Industry135
ASAP CONSULTING GROUP S.A.C.PerúRefrigeration: Industrial Refrigeration Plants, Compressors, RSW, Cold Storage Rooms, IQF Tunnels509
ASOCIACION DE PESCADORES ARTESANALES DE PUCUSANAPerúSeafood: Bonito, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Silver Smelt, Mahi Mahi, Giant Squid, Gutting Service, Fish Nets Maintenance239
ASOCIACION GREMIO DE PESCADORES DE SAN BARTOLOPerúSeafood: Peruvian Rock Seabass, Tramboyo, Squid, Octopus,Yuyo239
ASTILLEROS ARICA S.A.ChileShipyard: Fishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance731
ASTILLEROS Y MAESTRANZAS DE LA ARMADA - ASMARChileShipyard: Fishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance131
AXESAT S.A.ColombiaShips & Boats: Satellital Conectivity723
BADINOTTI PERU S.A.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Nets, Ropes, Yarns and Floats559
BEKINA BOOTS S.A.BelgiumSafety: Industrial Boots of Flexible Polyurethane of High-Quality and Thermal Insulation, Slip Resistant, Waterproof and Lighter325
BRIDON - BEKAERTChileIndustrial: Steel Cables133
BUSCH PERU S.R.L.PerúProcessing: Pumps and Vacuum System103
CADENT S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Calibration Services and Measurement Equipment Certification, Gauges, Thermometers101
CALDERAS INTESAPerúProcessing: Boilers, Oil and Gas Burners, Filters223
CALDERAS PERU S.A.PerúProcessing: Industrial Boilers203
CAMARA BINACIONAL DE COMERCIO E INTEGRACION PERU-BRASIL - CAPEBRASPerúAssociations: Strengthen and Increase Economic and Trade relations between Brazil and Peru721
CASA FISHING E.I.R.L.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Monofilaments, Monofilament Nets, Hooks119
CCI CONTINENTAL - CONTITECHPerúShips & Boats: Absorbents in Bedpans or Docks, Big Hoses for Water Pumping, Underwater Shock, V Belts for Transmission407
CERTIFICACIONES PESQUERAS DEL PERU S.A. - CERPERPerúInspections: Health Certification for Frozen, Canned, Curados, Molluscs and Fish Meal, Monitoring of Bivalve Molluscs and Microbiological, Chemical Analysis, Factories Internal Controls463
CHANGZHOU LONGLONGSHENG WARP KNITTING MACHINERY CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Machinery for manufacturing Fishing Nets543
CHUMPITAZ FRITZ SERVICE S.R.L.PerúProcessing: Centrifugal Decanters and Separators,Displacement and Rotary Pumps299
CLS PERU S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Satellite Tracking Service, Mapping Software, Oceanographic Services, Fleet Control Center579
CODELPA PERU S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine and Industrial Paintings651
COLTRI AMERICAS - NUVAIRU.S.A.Industrial: Compressors544-
COMERCIAL RTI LTDA.ChileShips & Boats: HDPE Boats, Outboard Engines, LPG Equipment for Outoard Engines, Nautical Accessories835
COMPAÑIA ALMACENERA S.A.PerúIndustrial: Warrant and Finantial Services636
COMPAÑIA QUIMICA INDUSTRIAL S.R.L.PerúIndustrial: Industrial Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment113
CONSTRUCCIONES Y REPARACIONES MARINAS S.A.C. - VARADERO ANDESAPerúShipyard: Fishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance441
CORPORACION SELMAR S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Sonars, Echosounders, Radars, GPS, Compasses, Marine Radios477
CPPQ S.A. - PINTURAS JETPerúShips & Boats: Marine Paints519
DEKATEC S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Knives for the Fishing Industry, Hermetic Collectors, Cleaning Tools, Sensors for Automated Processes, Waste Handling Products659
DETECIN S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Gaskets for Dryers, Cut Gaskets for Flanges, Insulation for Boiler Tops, Double Mechanical Seals, Manhole and Handhole Gaskets, Screw Pumps, Oil Pumps, Industrial Visors867
DEVOM S.A.C.PerúSafety: Industrial Boots, Aprons and Gloves147
DIESEL POWER HOLLAND BVNetherlandsShips & Boats: Marine Engines639
DIGITAL GLOBE - MARINE SERVICESU.S.A.Ships & Boats: Fisheries Location Service, Boats Monitoring Unit, Satellital Buoy, Personal Tracking759
DIPPANEL, S.L.UEspañaRefrigeration: Cold Stores, Panels and Doors319
DISTRIBUIDORA CUMMINS PERU S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines and Generators, Services for the Maritime Sector707
DLC SOLUCIONES EN PACKAGING SPAChileRefrigeration: Refrigerant Gel Pack151
ECOTRONICA S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Sonars, Echosounders, Radars, Autopilots, Marine Generators, GPS, Maritime Lighting System and Signals, Beacons483
ELECTRICWORKS LTDA.ChileIndustrial: Electric & Mechanical Solutions151
ENVASES LOS PINOS S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Cans, Easy Open Lids, Plastic Containers, HDPE and PET Containers, Flexible Plastic Packaging713
FABRICA DE REDES Y CORDELES EL PESCADOR S.R.L.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Nets, Twisted Ropes and Yarns, Halyard653
FARM IMPORT S.A.PerúSafety: Industrial Boots of Flexible Polyurethane of High-Quality and Thermal Insulation, Slip Resistant, Waterproof and Lighter325
FEQUSA INGS. E.I.R.L.PerúIndustrial: Couplings, Clutches, Pneumatic Brakes, Geared Motors, Flexible Discs, Gimbals, Baskstops, Brakes, Couplings of Gears, Fixing Units, Chains225
FERREYROS S.A.A.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines523
FIBRAS INDUSTRIALES S.A.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Nets, Floats and Ropes for Fishing537
FIBRAS MARINAS S.A.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Nets, Ropes, Floats, Chains421
FIBRECON PACIFIC MARINE S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines657
FIMA S.A.PerúProcessing: Dryer Systems, Odor Control, Stickwater Plants, Cookers and Fishmeal Coolers. Turn-Key Projects217
FISHMAN S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Fish Discharge Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pumps of Progressive Cavity221
FLOTTWEG PERU S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Centrifugal Separators, Centrifugal Disc Decanter, Tricanter401
FLOW MACHINES S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Decanters, Polymers Mixing Machine, Pheristatic Pumps221
FRANCISCO CARDAMA S.A.EspañaShipyard: Fishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance563
FRIONORDICA ASNorwayRefrigeration: RSW Systems for Fishing Boats, Ice Plants, Capacitors509
FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO., LTD.ChinaRefrigeration: Ice Producers in Flakes, Tubes, Plate, Slutty and Block, Water Coolers, Automatic Ice Storage, Heat Exchangers503
FUNDICIONES RICE, S.A. DE C.V.MéxicoShips & Boats: Marine Propellers, Shafts, Couplings, Bearings, Nozzles, Marine Hardware in general643
G&M SOLUCIONES S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Fishing Sonars, Radars, Echosounds, Beacons, GPS465
G.I. INDUSTRIA PERU S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Evaluation and Supply of Chemical Products, Comprehensive Treatment of Wastewater and Effluents, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Plants and Equipment689
GLOBAL PROCESSING SOLUTIONS S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Heat Exchangers, Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps557
GRANOTEC PERU S.A.PerúProcessing: Nutritional Solutions and Biotechnology applied to Healthy Seafood865
GRUPO CBO - OCEANA ESTALEIROBrasilShips & Boats: Naval Construction469
GRUPO FERNANDEZ JOVE - TEKNOSTEELEspañaShips & Boats: Marine Valves, Hydraulic Actuators, Fluid Driving and Control, Bushings or Seal for the Passage of Electric Cables and Piping, 457
GUY COTTEN S.A.FranceSafety: Individual Protective Clothing for Rain751
HAARSLEV INDUSTRIES S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Lamella Pumps, Evaporators Plants, Fismeal Coolers, Hammer Mills, RotaTube Dryers, Air dryers, Disc Dryers219
HAESUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.KoreaFishing & Aquaculture: Nylon Monofilament321
HAI SHENG INTERNATIONAL S.A.C.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Artisian Fishing Rods, Reels, Lines and Thrownet, Water Clothing667
HAN-A GLOBAL CO., LTD.KoreaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets, Twines, Ropes, Floats, Fish Hook703
HC GRUPOPerúShips & Boats: Marine Pumps, Propellers, Rudders, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Desalination, Water Treatment, Deck Equipment, Cranes, Winches, Davits, Antifouling Treatment, Couplings, Gensets513
HIDROSTAL S.A.PerúProcessing: Centrifugal Pumps Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible for the industry in general, Electric Motors and Automation207
ICOMPerúShips & Boats: Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems545
INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Automation, Instruments, Process Control, Electricity, Pneumatic and Specialized Services115
INDUSTRIAS FIBRAFORTE S.A.PerúIndustrial: Corrugated Roofs in Opaque and Translucent Polypropylene252
INTER ANDEAN TRADING S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Conveyor Systems, Lifting Bands, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Level Sensors117
INTRALOX, LLCU.S.A.Processing: Modular Plastic Belting, Hygienic Belts and Components, Packaging Solutions, Automation Equipment417
INVERSIONES JAM S.A.C.PerúSecurity: CCTV, Electrical Fences761
IOW GROUP, LLCU.S.A.Processing: Oil Centrifugal Separators205
ISOTHERM INC.U.S.A.Refrigeration: Titanium Chillers, Condensers and Heat Exchangers161
ITALMECAN S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Engine Control, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors, Winches, Trawl, Cranes, Hooks645
JK INVESTMENT S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Table Forklifts, Trucks, Car Ramp, Hoists, Hydraulic Elevators, Mobile Fans, Electricity Generators, Workshop Presses and Equipment271
JK SOMMEEspañaProcessing: Can Seamers and Spare Parts for the Fish Canning Industry, Liquid Dispensers in Tin, Twist Off Capping Machines for Jars647
KHON KAEN FISHING NET FACTORY CO., LTD. - KKFNETSThailandFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets (Gill, Purse Seine, Trawl, others), Monofilament, Multifilaments, Polyethylene Twine, PE Net, Raschel Net 485
KINARCA, S.A.U.EspañaRefrigeration: Plants, Liquid Ice, Pneumatic Locks, Compressors529
KOSSODO S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Protein Determining Equipment, Fat Extractor, Centrifuges, Laboratory Reagents, Glass Material, Estereoscope, Metrology Service445
KRAN SPAChileAquaculture: Solutions based to the production of Nano Bubbles151
LA LLAVE S.A.PerúProcessing: Firetube Boilers, Steam Traps, Valves, Pumps, Air Compressors, Rotary Joints, Piping, Instruments677
LIMA CAUCHO S.A.PerúIndustrial: Fishing Hoses, Pneumatic Tyres640
LIQUI MOLY PERU S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Oils, Additives and Oil Tanks637
MACGREGOR NORWAY ASNorwayShips & Boats: Deck Equipment Triplex brand729
MAN DIESEL & TURBO PERU S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Diesel Engines, Propulsion Systems, Turbochargers511
MAQUINARIAS S.A.PerúIndustrial: Liftrucks533
MAQUINARIAS Y REPUESTOS S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines, Generators, Motor Pumps and Spares517
MARCO PERUANA S.A.PerúShips & Boats: Electronic and Hydraulic Equipment505
MARINE ENGINEERS CORPORATION PANAMA INC.PanamáShips & Boats: Naval Repairs, Operations Afloat, Underwater Inspections733
MC TRADE S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Propellers, Transmissions, Clutches, Gear Boxes, Hydro Jets, Shaft Brakes, Cranes879
MCMURDO, INC.U.S.A.Ships & Boats: VMS, VDR & S-VDR, Safety Electronics: EPIRB, AIS MOB, RADIO, SART, PLB, AIS546
MERCANTIL S.A.PerúIndustrial: Chemical Products for Water Treatment and for General Industry861
METROLOGIA E INGENIERIA LINO S.A.C. PerúProcessing: Measurement Equipment and Instrumentation, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Calibration and Certification of Scales and Contometros, scales693
MINISTERIO DE LA PRODUCCION - PRODUCEPerúGoverment: Design, Establish, Execute and Supervise the general policy of the sectors of Fishing and Aquaculture623
MONTAJES CONSERVEROS DE GALICIA, S.L. - MCGEspañaProcessing: Can Seamers and Fillers551
MSA DEL PERU S.A.C.PerúSafety: Helmets, Glasses, Hearing Protection, Harnesses, Gas Detectors, Retractables581
MULTIVALORES S.A.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets, Twisted Ropes, Galvanised Chains, Alternators, Regulators, Diesel Engines, Naval Hardware713
MUNICIPALIDAD METROPOLITANA DE LIMA PerúGovernment: Support to the Artisan Fishing at Lurin, Punta Negra, Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, Pucusana, Chorrillos y Ancon239
MYCOM PERU S.A.C.PerúRefrigeration: Compressors, IQF Tunnels, Heat Pumps, Condensers, Diffusers, Valves, Engineering, Design and Assembly of Refrigeration Systems583
NANRONG SHANGHAI CO., LTD.ChinaAquaculture: Paddle Wheel Aerator, Deep-Water Jet Aerator, Long Arm Aerator, Wave Maker, Shrimp Auto Feeder803
NAVALES S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Engine Controls, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors527
NETWORKING SAT E.I.R.L.PerúShips & Boats: Satellite Trucking, Satellite Telephony, Satellite Maritime Internet668
NETZSCH PERU S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Positive Displacement Pumps347
NINGBO JUDIN SPECIAL MONOFILAMENT CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets313
NTN SUDAMERICANA S.A.PanamáIndustrial: Bearings, Bearing Mounting and Dismantling Equipment, Needle Roller Bearings, Fats633
OLDIM S.A.PerúSeafood: Canned Mackerel Fillet and Grated in Oil 1/2 Lb, Canned Tuna 1/2 Lb753
OLIVOS MAQUINARIAS S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines and Generators875
ONG OANNESPerúMedia: Hispanic American Forum of Information Exchange about Sea Themes263
OPTIMAR ASNorwayProcessing: Complete Factories for the Fish Processing, Full Design of Factories, IQF Freezing System, Automatic Freezing Solutions, Blast Freezing, Palletizing Systems413
PACK CENTER PERU DE CARLOS EDUARDO ICAZA EGUSQUIZAPerúProcessing: Oven for Drying and Dehydrated of Algae, Anchovies, Snails, Mussels, Fillets of Sardine and Anchovy, Packaging Equipment for 5 Kgs of Fishmeal, Shrimpmeal, Squidmeal, Packaging Equipment for 10, 25 and 50 Kgs273
PAITAN S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Oil Hydraulic for Vessels, Oil Hydraulic Pumps and Engines, Oil Hydraulic Controls, Systems of Government415
PERU ENGINES S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines411
PESATEC PERU S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Industrial Scales, Industrial Weighing Equipment159
POLIGRUP S.A.EcuadorIndustrial: Plastic Meshes and Meshes Woven Green873
POLIMETALES S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Stainless Steel Supplies, Plates, Rods, Piping, Valves, Connectores335
PROCHILEChilePromotion of the Chilean Aquaculture Sector631
PRODUCTOS FORJADOS S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Pulleys, Blocks, Tuners, Cableguard160
PROYECTOS PESACON S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Process Automation, Moisture Determination, Protein and Fat Analysis, Analytical Scales121
QUIMICOS INSUMOS Y MATERIALES S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Raw Materials for Fish and Seafood Processing: Antioxidant, Gel Refrigerant, Marinadores, Glazed763
RECUBRIMIENTOS MARINOS S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Coatings201
REDES NITTO PERU S.A.C.PerúFishing & Aquaculture: Twisted Fishing Nets with and without knot, Floats, Products for Scallop Farming, Purse Seine Nets Manufacture and Maintenance679
REINTJES ESPAÑA S.A.U.EspañaShips & Boats: Marine Reducers and Reversers473
RESET ELECTRONICA Y SISTEMAS S.R. LTDA.PerúShips & Boats: Sonars, Radars, GPS, Radios, Fishfinders701
REVISTA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIAPerúMedia: Food, Fishing & Aquaculture, Agro-industry, Nutrition and Health, Ingredients and Additives, Packaging, Machinery and Equipment, and Engineering and Industrial Maintenance717
REVISTA PESCA & MEDIO AMBIENTEPerúMedia: Fishing and Evironmental634
REVISTA PESCA RESPONSABLEPerúMedia: Fishing & Aquaculture409
RICH FISHING - RICHAN NETTING - XIAMEN RICH FISHING & SPORTS CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Nylon and Polyester Nets, Nylon Monofilament Lines, Floats, Hooks555
RINGS AROUND THE WORLD, LTD.U.S.A.Fishing & Aquaculture: Gois Double-Roller Purse Rings with the internationally patented “secure push-button lock”333
RITMO S.P.A.ItaliaIndustrial: Welding Pipe and Sheets in PE484
ROBERT BOSCH S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Industrial Boilers655
ROBERTO TORRES A. S.A. - ROATSAPerúIndustrial: Industrial Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Belts, Industrial Conveyors467
ROBINSON MARINE ELECTRONICS S.R.L.PerúShips & Boats: Radars, Sonars, Echosounders, Autopilot, Radios, Plotters507
ROSOMA GMBHGermanyProcessing: Plants and Equipment for Frozen and Canning Fish681
SANTO DOMINGO CONTRATISTAS GENERALES S.A.PerúIndustrial: Electromechanical Engineering and Construction, Civil, Structural, Piping and Instrumental, Start-Up and Integral Maintenance of Industrial Plants674
SCANBELTChileProcessing: Conveyors Belts and Accessories685
SEPARATOR SPARES & EQUIPMENT, LLCU.S.A.Processing: Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, Plate Heat Exchangers. Spares & Service for Centrifuges, Purifiers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Oily Water Separators, Reverse Osmosis Watermakers, Decanters205
SES NETWORKSLuxenburgoShips & Boats: Satellital Connectivity723
SHANTOU YUNXING CHEMICAL FIBRE PRODUCTS FACTORY CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets and Ropes, Hooks, Leads, Floats, Compass, Fishing Knives, Life Jacket641
SHIPS MACHINERY INTERNATIONAL, INC.U.S.A.Ships & Boats: Propellers, Rescue Boats, Deck Equipment, Winches, Water Treatment Plants, Bilge Water Separator, Fire Fighting Systems, Rudders Systems129
SHYH YUNG FA FISHERY EQUIPMENT INC.TaiwanFishing & Aquaculture: Monofilament and Multifilament Fishing Nets, Nylon Fishing Nets, Aquaculture Cages, Fishing Gears111
SIEMENS S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Automation Technology683
SIMA PERU S.A.PerúShipyard: Fishing Ship & Boat Construction and Maintenance695
SKAGINN 3XIcelandProcessing: Sub-Chilling and Fish Processing Solutions145
SOCIEDAD COMERCIAL BYS SPAChileIndustrial: Jetting Equipment151
SOCIEDAD DE ASESORAMIENTO TECNICO S.A.C. - SATPerúInspections: Health Certification for Canned, Curados. Physical - Chemical and Microbiological Analysis. Scale and Weight Calibration, Thermometers, Gauges and Isothermal Equipment. Inspection of Plants and Warehouses267
SOCIEDAD NACIONAL DE PESQUERIA - S.N.P.PerúAssociations: Non-Profit organization that join Fisheries and Aquaculture Peruvian Companies that supply Fish and Seafood, Fresh, Canned, Frozen, other presentations, Fishmeal and Fishoil409
SOLUCIONES FOSS PERU S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Fast and Reliable Analytical Solutions for the Assurance of Quality876
SOS SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Polymeric Bearings, Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulator, Elastomeric Coating against Abrasion and Erosion127
SPENA GROUPPerúAquaculture: Aerators, Blowers, Water Analysis Kits, Recirculation Systems, Incubators, Oximeters, pH meters, Salinometers165
STRAPACK, INC.U.S.A.Processing: Strapping & Banding Authomatic and Semi-automatic Machines331
SUPERINTENDENCIA NACIONAL DE ADMINISTRACION TRIBUTARIA - SUNATPerúGovernment: Fishing & Aquaculture Tax and Custom Guidance297
SWISS CORP. AG. S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Electronic Equipment, Radars, Compasses, GPS, Beacons, Bilge Pumps, Sentine Pumps429
TAI ZHOU SEASHELL IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Nylon Nets169
TAIZHOU WANGFA ELECTROMECHANICAL CO., LTD.ChinaAquaculture: Aerators, Paddles671
TERMOAMBIENTAL S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Axial and Centrifugal Fans, Filter Sleeves and Cartridge, Gas Scrubbers, Pneumatic Transport, Pressurization and Air Conditioning of Rooms, Valves, Engines635
TERMODINAMICA S.A.PerúProcessing: Steam Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Thermal Equipment, Skids Manufacturing, Natural Gas Regulation and Measurement Stations, Solutions for Automation, Instrumentation, Combustion and electric Tracing544
TFM INDUSTRIAL S.A.PerúProcessing: InkJet Coders, Thermo Transfer Encoders, Box Encoders, Metal Detectors, Weight Checkers, Robot Palletizers, Ph Controllers853
THAIS CORPORATION S.A.C.PerúTradeshows: Fishing & Aquaculture, Gas, Security255
TOR-NET LP. SL. GRAN CANARIAGran CanariaFishing & Aquaculture: Hex-Mesh and Diamond-Mesh Pelagic Trawls 755
TRITON INTERNATIONAL TRADING S.A.PerúProcessing: Lamella pumps for Fish Unloading and Transport, Peristatic Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Effluent Treatment719
TTC DEL PERU S.A.C.PerúRefrigeration: Condensers, Evaporators, Heat Exchangers, Water Coolers, Fishmeal Radiators Dryers, Ice Water Plants697
TURBO DE LOS ANDES S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Turbo Chargers709
V&S ASOCIADOS S.A. - STAR BRITEPerúShips & Boats: Lubricants, Aditives for Fuel and Antifouling Paints666
VAPORTEC S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Industrial Boilers, Steam and Hot Water Lines715
VOLVO PERU S.A.PerúShips & Boats: Marine Engines661
WARTSILA MARINE SOLUTIONSPerúShipyard: Fishing Boats, Ship Factories, Pelagic Boats, Stern Trawlers, Engine Ships, Propeller, Speed Reducers, Naval Design, Propulsion Service725
WEF PERU S.A.C.PerúIndustrial: Pneumatic Spares for Automation, Video Surveillance, Security869
WEIHAI YINQIU FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Floats, Ropes, Nets, Mesh Net for Breeding211
WKI TRADING S.A.C.PerúProcessing: Meat and Bones Separator279
WORLD MOTORS S.A.C.PerúShips & Boats: Engines and Generators411
WUCHUAN HONEST FISHING-NET CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets619
WUXI TAIYU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets, Twine, Rope and Filament, 673
YAMAHA MOTOR DEL PERU S.A.PerúShips & Boats: Outboard Engines, Technical Services for Marine Engines663
YANGZHOU OCEAN FRIEND IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Nylon Nets629
YANMARPerúShips & Boats: 100% Marine Engines549
YANTAI MOON CO., LTD.ChinaRefrigeration: Turnkey Refrigeration Projects, IQF Tunnels, Cold Storage, Ice Producer Plants, Evaporative Condensers, Compressors, Screws, Valves and Controls405
YARINA S.A.C.PerúRefrigeration: Refrigerated Trucks, Evaporators, Condensers, Compressors for Refrigerated Trucks501
YIXING HUADING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD.ChinaProcessing: Separation technology, Decanters, Filters, Mixers, Control System648
ZHANJIANG JINGWEI NET FACTORYChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets, Ropes, Twine, Fishing Lines, Fishing Cage665
ZHEJIANG JU BAO FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.ChinaFishing & Aquaculture: Fishing Nets649
ZHOUSHAN XINZHOU FISHMEAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.ChinaProcessing: Fishmeal Equipment & Machines213