Why Exhibit ?

EXPO PESCA - ACUIPERU - SEAFOOD LIMA 2021 is the largest Point of Meeting in Latin America to sell Equipment and Supplies for Fisheries & Aquaculture, including Boats and Parts, Fishing, Fish Farming, Feeding, Harvesting, Refrigeration, Processing and Distribution.

During the year 2018 Peru exported US$ 1,955 million of Fishmeal and Fishoil and US$ 1,350 million of Seafood, so Peru is constantly buying and renewing their Capital Goods to keep and increase their production and export. 

Peru has a population of 31.8 million people (75.7% Urban and 24.3% Rural) and during the year 2018 imported US$ 335.7 million of Seafood to satisfy their domestic needs.

Peru is an open market.  There are no barriers or limitations on imports and foreign currency is freely exchanged. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has included Peru in the category "Premium" for an excellent Macro Economic and Monetary Management.

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