AMERICAN VULKAN CORPORATIONShips & BoatsU.S.A.High Flexible Couplings, Cardan Shaft Couplers215
BADINOTTI PERU S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePeruNets, Ropes, Yarns and Floats441
CADENT S.A.C.ProcessingPeruCalibration Services and Measurement Equipment Certification, Gauges, Thermometers101
CENTRO DE COMERCIO INDUSTRIAL S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruAbsorbents in Bedpans or Docks, Big Hoses for Water Pumping, Underwater Shock, V Belts for Transmission307
CLS PERU S.A.C.Satellite ServicePeruSatellite Tracking Service, Mapping Software, Oceanographic Services, Fleet Control Center213
CORPORACION MARA S.A.Ships & BoatsPeruIndustrial Protection, Anticorrosion Coatings, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Zinc Products, Anti-Fouling543
EQUIMAG S.A.C. - EQUIPOS MAGNETICOS Y VIBRATORIOS S.A.C.ProcessingPeruMagnetic Plates, Racks and Traps, Housing with Magnetic Grille, Round Pipe with Magnetic Plates, Suspended Magnets, Vibratory Feeders, Vibrators, Metal Detectors, Lifting Magnets, Electromagnetic Vibrators563
FIBRAS INDUSTRIALES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePeruNets, Floats and Ropes for Fishing431
FIBRAS MARINAS S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePeruNets, Ropes, Floats, Chains409
FLOTTWEG PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPeruCentrifugal Separators, Centrifugal Disc Decanter, Tricante301
FYRCOM S.R.L.IndustrialPeruHydraulic, Rubber and Canvas Hoses, Low Pressure Hoses, Industrial Clamps, Piping, High Pressure Fittings, Quick Couplings, Brakes, Gaskets, Black Iron, Pressure Washers, Vacuum Cleaners321
GRUPO HCShips & BoatsSpainMarine Pumps, Propellers, Rudders, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Desalination, Water Treatment, Deck Equipment, Cranes, Winches, Davits, Antifouling Treatment, Couplings, Gensets413
HAARSLEV INDUSTRIES S.A.C.ProcessingPeruLamella Pumps, Evaporators Plants, Fismeal Coolers, Hammer Mills, RotaTube Dryers, Air dryers, Disc Dryers343
INDEXSAC - INDUSTRIAS NACIONALES DE EXPORTACION S.A.C.ProcessingPeruThermal Boxes, Refrigerating Rooms167
ISOTHERM INC.RefrigerationU.S.A.Titanium Chillers, Condensers and Heat Exchangers175
MARCO PERUANA S.A.Ships & BoatsPeruElectronic and Hydraulic Equipment405
NAVALES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruEngine Controls, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors429
NUVEL S.A.C.ProcessingPeruChemical Products423
PESATEC PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPeruIndustrial Scales, Industrial Weighing Equipment171
PRODUCTOS FORJADOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruPulleys, Blocks, Tuners, Cableguard177
PROYECTOS PESACON S.A.C.ProcessingPeruProcess Automation, Moisture Determination, Protein and Fat Analysis, Analytical Scales 121
SEPARATOR SPARES & EQUIPMENT, LLCProcessingU.S.A.Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, Plate Heat Exchangers. Spares & Service for Centrifuges, Purifiers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Oily Water Separators, Reverse Osmosis Watermakers, Decanters201
SOS SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruPolymeric Bearings for Propulsion and Government, Polymeric Wear Coatings, Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulator, Elastomeric Coating against Abrasion and Erosion333
SWISS-CORP AG S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruOutboard Marine Engines, Inboard Marine Engines, Marine Electronic Equipment, Radars, Compasses, GPS, Beacons, Bilge Pumps, Sentine Pumps401