AMERICAN VULKAN CORPORATIONShips & BoatsU.S.A.Flexible Couplings, Cardan Shaft Couplings215
ASAP CONSULTING GROUP S.A.C.RefrigerationPeruRefrigeration521
ASTILLERO ANDESAShipyardPeruMaintenance and Shipbuilding407
ASTILLEROS Y MAESTRANZAS DE LA ARMADA - ASMAR SHIPYARDSShipyardChileRepair, drydocking, lengthening, and modernization of fishing vessels. Rubber and rigid-hull boats125
BADINOTTI PERU S.A. Fishing & AquaculturePeruNets, Ropes, Threads, and Floats.429
BOSCH PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPeruIndustrial Boilers179
CADENT S.A.C.ProcessingPeruCalibration and Certification Services for Measurement Equipment, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers101
CODELPA PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruMarine and Industrial Paintings brand JOTU, manufactured in Chile and Peru, under license of JOTUN A/S, norwegian company213
COMERCIALIZADORA COERIMAR E.I.R.L.Ships & BoatsPeruLifting Products for Fishing and Industry - Blocks, Blocks, Catalinas and Accessories135
COMPAÑIA DEL EMPAQUE Y EMPAQUETADURAS S.A.C.IndustrialPeruSilicone Profiles and Hoses, Plastic and Insulating Bars, Asbestos and Non-Asbestos Sheets, Gaskets for Boilers, Solid and Spongy Silicone Sheets, Teflon Meshes and Fabrics, Spiral Metal Gaskets, Ceramic Fiber173
CORP FUNG S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruShipyard (Ship building and repair)107
CORPORACION HIDRAULICA TECNICA S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruHydraulic Equipment for Fishing - Hoisting, Friction, Combination Winches - Cranes - Power Block441
CORPORACION SELMAR SACShips & BoatsPeruSelling electronic, navigation, and telecommunications equipment for the fishing, maritime, river, and lake sector. Maintenance and repair service for equipment.581
DISTRIBUIDORA CUMMINS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruEngines, Generators, Filters, Coolants, Lubricants, Spare Parts, Epp's457
EMPAISLA E.I.R.L. - EMPAQUETADURAS Y AISLAMIENTOS E.I.R.L.IndustrialPeruGaskets and Thermal Insulation117
FERREYROS S.A.Ships & BoatsPeruMarine Engines433
FIBRAS INDUSTRIALES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePeruNets, Floats and Ropes for Fishing439
FIBRAS MARINAS S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePeruFishing Nets, Ropes, Floats, Chains409
FLOTTWEG PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPeruCentrifugal Decanters, Coagulants and Flocculants171
HC GRUPOShips & BoatsU.S.A.Marine Pumps, Propellers, Rudders, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Desalinization Units, Water Treatment, Deck Equipment, Cranes, Winches, Davits, Antifouling, Couplings, Generators417
ISOTHERM INC.RefrigerationU.S.A.Titanium Chillers, Condensers, and Heat Exchangers175
ITALMECAN S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruControls for Engines, Hydraulic Pumps, Network Sensors, Winches, Trawl, Cranes, Hooks425
JET - QROMAShips & BoatsPeruMarine Paints419
LUBRICACION Y TECNOLOGIA S.A.C.IndustrialPeruLubricants Marketing and Lubrication Solutions Services531
MC TRADE S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruMarine Transmissions, Propellers, Hydrojets, Gearboxes, Couplings, Cranes, Electronic Controls423
NAVALES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruMotor Controls, Hydraulic Pumps, Network Sensors, and Bilge Pumps431
OLIVOS MAQUINARIAS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruMarine propulsion systems (engine, transmission, propeller) Brand Weichai & Baudouin405
REINTJES ESPAÑA S.A.Ships & BoatsPeruMarine propulsion217
RESET ELECTRONICA Y SISTEMAS S.R.L.Satellite ServicePeruGas Detectors, UTI, Calibration, GPS Navigation, Autopilot Navigation, MF/HF Radios, Satellite Communication551
RIVERA DIESEL S.A. Ships & BoatsPeruMarine engines451
ROBINSON MARINE ELECTRONICS S.R.L.Satellite ServicePeruEcho Sounders, Radars, Sonars, Communications and Equipment625
SEPARATOR SPARES & EQUIPMENTProcessingU.S.A.Original Aftermarket Spare Parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, Heat Exchangers. Spare Parts & Services for Centrifuges, Purifiers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Oily Water Separators205
SOLENISProcessingPeruChemical Products Assessment and Supply, Comprehensive Treatment of Wastewater and Effluents, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Plants and Equipment443
SOS SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruPolymeric Bushings for Propulsion and Steering, Polymeric Coatings against Wear, Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulator, Elastomeric Coating against Abrasion and Erosion177
SPENA GROUP S.A.C.AquaculturePeruAerators, Blowers, Water Analysis Kits, Recirculation Systems, Incubators, Oximeters, pH Meters, Salinometers181
SWISSCORP AG S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruOutboard/Inboard Marine Engines, Marine Electronics, Depth Sounders, Radars, Compasses, GPS, Emergency Beacons, Bilge Pumps, Bilge Sump Pumps401
TECMAQUIND S.A.C. ProcessingPeruManufacturing of Machinery for the Fishing Industry413
TEKNOSTEEL S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPeruNaval Valves, Pipe Fittings and Unions, Naval Electrical, Measurement and Control, HTS-Cable Sealing, Weeprop Propulsion, Steel Chains and Anchors, Navigational Instrumentation, Industrial and Marine Refrigeration.447
THAIS CORPORATION S.A.C.TradeshowsPeruOrganization of International Tradeshows245
TOPE EXHIBITION SERVICES CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Equipment541
TOPE EXHIBITION SERVICES CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Equipment549
TOPE EXHIBITION SERVICES CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Equipment561
VAPORTEC S.A.C. ProcessingPeruBoilers571
WEIHAI FLY YOUNG SPORTS CO., LTD.Ships & BoatsChinaFishing Boats169
WEIHAI YINQIU FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFloats, Ropes, Nets, Mesh Net for Breeding211
YAMAHA MOTOR DEL PERU S.A.Ships & BoatsPeruMarine engines, aquatic engines633
ZHEJIANG REDANETS CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaTrawling Nets, Purse Seining Nets, Breeding Cages for Aquaculture 219