Expo Pesca & AcuiPerú 2019

We welcome your visit to the 9th version of "EXPO PESCA & ACUIPERU", the International Tradeshow for Fisheries & Aquaculture that will take place November 06 - 08, 2019 from 2:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Centro de Exposiciones Jockey in Lima, Peru.

This is the largest event in Latin America held every two years since 2003 to promote and support the sale of Equipment, Supplies and Services for Fisheries & Aquaculture, including Boats and Parts, Fishing, Fish Farming, Feeding, Harvesting, Refrigeration, Processing and Distribution.

Exhibitors are International and Local Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers of these products.  We expect to open the show with around of 425 Booths of 6 Sms each.

Visitors are Owners, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Technicians and Specialized Personnel from Fishing Factories and Fish Farming.  We expect the visit of around 9,500 first-level Businessmen from Peru and Latin America during the three-days event.

Peru is an open market.  There are no barriers or limitations on imports and foreign currency is freely exchanged.

Import of Equipment is subject to the payment of Import Duties on the CIF value (Cost, Insurance and Freight), plus 18 percent General Sales Tax (IGV).

However, Exhibition Samples will be allowed to temporarily imported into Peru without paying import duties or presenting Bank Drafts.  Once the Fair is over, the Exhibition Samples may stay in Peru for additional 120 days to be imported or reexported.

Peru is a fishing country that offers a great opportunity to exporters and importers of Equipment for Fisheries & Aquaculture, as well as Seafood.

Its industry is primarily aimed to the production of Fishmeal and Fishoil having exported U.S.$ 1,955 million of these products in the year 2018.

During the same period, Peru exported U.S.$ 1,350 million Seafood in Cans, Frozen, Fresh and Dry Salt.

Peruvians are very accustomed to consuming Seafood and its most popular dish is Ceviche, which is prepared with a wide variety of Seafood.

Peru imported US$ 53 million of Seafood during the year 2018 from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Ecuador, India, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United States and Viet Nam.

The Pavilion of Seafood Lima offers a great opportunity to Foreign Exporters to increase their exports to Peru and neighboring countries.

This Pavilion also offers a great opportunity to Foreign Importers to get new Suppliers and Products.

You can arrange your booth directly in this website, Menu:  INFO TO EXHIBIT - APPLICATION FORM TO EXHIBIT, or please contact with us or any of our Agents published in the Menu OFFICE NETWORK.

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