Exhibitor List 2017

A&M SEGURIDAD Y SUPERVIVENCIA EN EL MAR S.A.C. - AMSUMARShips & BoatsPerúRafts, Boats, Radio Beacons, Life Jackets, Compases, Navigation Lighting859
AC STAG S.A.C.IndustrialPerúCNG & LPG Conversion Equipment, Power Generators547
ADM - ASESORAMIENTO, DISEÑO Y MONTAJES INDUSTRIALESProcessingEspañaLines of Cutting, Cooking, Glazing, Defrosting, Treatment, Packing and Dosed, Box Classified and Palletizing, Complete Fishing Lines125
ALFA LAVAL S.A.ProcessingPerúDecanters, Centrifuges, Oil Refining Plants, Sanitary Pumps and Valves, Heat Exchangers, Oil Purifiers for Boats, Refrigeration, Boilers481
ALL MOTORS S.A.C. - EZ DOCKShips & BoatsPerúFloating Docks, Marine Engines Maintenance, Anti-Fouling Application, Change of Zinc Anodes167
ALMACENES SANTA CLARA S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines669
AMERICAN VULKAN CORPORATIONShips & BoatsU.S.A.High Flexible Couplings, Cardan Shaft Couplers215
ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUELAquacultureColombiaEquipment and Plants for the Production of Aqua Feed and for the Biomass Pelleting Industry135
ASAP CONSULTING GROUP S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúIndustrial Refrigeration Plants, Compressors, RSW, Cold Storage Rooms, IQF Tunnels509
ASOCIACION DE PESCADORES ARTESANALES DE PUCUSANASeafoodPerúBonito, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Silver Smelt, Mahi Mahi, Giant Squid, Gutting Service, Fish Nets Maintenance239
ASOCIACION GREMIO DE PESCADORES DE SAN BARTOLOSeafoodPerúPeruvian Rock Seabass, Tramboyo, Squid, Octopus,Yuyo239
ASTILLEROS ARICA S.A.ShipyardChileFishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance731
ASTILLEROS Y MAESTRANZAS DE LA ARMADA - ASMARShipyardChileFishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance131
AXESAT S.A.Ships & BoatsColombiaSatellital Conectivity723
BADINOTTI PERU S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Ropes, Yarns and Floats559
BEKINA BOOTS S.A.SafetyBelgiumIndustrial Boots of Flexible Polyurethane of High-Quality and Thermal Insulation, Slip Resistant, Waterproof and Lighter325
BRIDON - BEKAERTIndustrialChileSteel Cables133
BUSCH PERU S.R.L.ProcessingPerúPumps and Vacuum System103
CADENT S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCalibration Services and Measurement Equipment Certification, Gauges, Thermometers101
CALDERAS INTESAProcessingPerúBoilers, Oil and Gas Burners, Filters223
CALDERAS PERU S.A.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Boilers203
CAMARA BINACIONAL DE COMERCIO E INTEGRACION PERU-BRASIL - CAPEBRASAssociationsPerúStrengthen and Increase Economic and Trade relations between Brazil and Peru721
CASA FISHING E.I.R.L.Fishing & AquaculturePerúMonofilaments, Monofilament Nets, Hooks119
CCI CONTINENTAL - CONTITECHShips & BoatsPerúAbsorbents in Bedpans or Docks, Big Hoses for Water Pumping, Underwater Shock, V Belts for Transmission407
CERTIFICACIONES PESQUERAS DEL PERU S.A. - CERPERInspections & CertificationPerúHealth Certification for Frozen, Canned, Curados, Molluscs and Fish Meal, Monitoring of Bivalve Molluscs and Microbiological, Chemical Analysis, Factories Internal Controls463
CHANGZHOU LONGLONGSHENG WARP KNITTING MACHINERY CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaMachinery for manufacturing Fishing Nets543
CHUMPITAZ FRITZ SERVICE S.R.L.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Decanters and Separators,Displacement and Rotary Pumps299
CLS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSatellite Tracking Service, Mapping Software, Oceanographic Services, Fleet Control Center579
CODELPA PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine and Industrial Paintings651
COLTRI AMERICAS - NUVAIRIndustrialU.S.A.Compressors544-
COMERCIAL RTI LTDA.Ships & BoatsChileHDPE Boats, Outboard Engines, LPG Equipment for Outoard Engines, Nautical Accessories835
COMPAÑIA ALMACENERA S.A.IndustrialPerúWarrant and Finantial Services636
COMPAÑIA QUIMICA INDUSTRIAL S.R.L.IndustrialPerúIndustrial Chemicals and Laboratory Equipment113
CONSTRUCCIONES Y REPARACIONES MARINAS S.A.C. - VARADERO ANDESAShipyardPerúFishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance441
CORPORACION SELMAR S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSonars, Echosounders, Radars, GPS, Compasses, Marine Radios477
CPPQ S.A. - PINTURAS JETShips & BoatsPerúMarine Paints519
DEKATEC S.A.C.ProcessingPerúKnives for the Fishing Industry, Hermetic Collectors, Cleaning Tools, Sensors for Automated Processes, Waste Handling Products659
DETECIN S.A.C.ProcessingPerúGaskets for Dryers, Cut Gaskets for Flanges, Insulation for Boiler Tops, Double Mechanical Seals, Manhole and Handhole Gaskets, Screw Pumps, Oil Pumps, Industrial Visors867
DEVOM S.A.C.SafetyPerúIndustrial Boots, Aprons and Gloves147
DIESEL POWER HOLLAND BVShips & BoatsNetherlandsMarine Engines639
DIGITAL GLOBE - MARINE SERVICESShips & BoatsU.S.A.Fisheries Location Service, Boats Monitoring Unit, Satellital Buoy, Personal Tracking759
DIPPANEL, S.L.URefrigerationEspañaCold Stores, Panels and Doors319
DISTRIBUIDORA CUMMINS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines and Generators, Services for the Maritime Sector707
DLC SOLUCIONES EN PACKAGING SPARefrigerationChileRefrigerant Gel Pack151
ECOTRONICA S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSonars, Echosounders, Radars, Autopilots, Marine Generators, GPS, Maritime Lighting System and Signals, Beacons483
ELECTRICWORKS LTDA.IndustrialChileElectric & Mechanical Solutions151
ENVASES LOS PINOS S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCans, Easy Open Lids, Plastic Containers, HDPE and PET Containers, Flexible Plastic Packaging713
FABRICA DE REDES Y CORDELES EL PESCADOR S.R.L.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Twisted Ropes and Yarns, Halyard653
FARM IMPORT S.A.SafetyPerúIndustrial Boots of Flexible Polyurethane of High-Quality and Thermal Insulation, Slip Resistant, Waterproof and Lighter325
FEQUSA INGS. E.I.R.L.IndustrialPerúCouplings, Clutches, Pneumatic Brakes, Geared Motors, Flexible Discs, Gimbals, Baskstops, Brakes, Couplings of Gears, Fixing Units, Chains225
FERREYROS S.A.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines523
FIBRAS INDUSTRIALES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Floats and Ropes for Fishing537
FIBRAS MARINAS S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Ropes, Floats, Chains421
FIBRECON PACIFIC MARINE S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines657
FIMA S.A.ProcessingPerúDryer Systems, Odor Control, Stickwater Plants, Cookers and Fishmeal Coolers. Turn-Key Projects217
FISHMAN S.A.C.ProcessingPerúFish Discharge Systems, Heat Exchangers, Pumps of Progressive Cavity221
FLOTTWEG PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Separators, Centrifugal Disc Decanter, Tricanter401
FLOW MACHINES S.A.C.ProcessingPerúDecanters, Polymers Mixing Machine, Pheristatic Pumps221
FRANCISCO CARDAMA S.A.ShipyardEspañaFishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance563
FRIONORDICA ASRefrigerationNorwayRSW Systems for Fishing Boats, Ice Plants, Capacitors509
FUJIAN SNOWMAN CO., LTD.RefrigerationChinaIce Producers in Flakes, Tubes, Plate, Slutty and Block, Water Coolers, Automatic Ice Storage, Heat Exchangers503
FUNDICIONES RICE, S.A. DE C.V.Ships & BoatsMéxicoMarine Propellers, Shafts, Couplings, Bearings, Nozzles, Marine Hardware in general643
G&M SOLUCIONES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúFishing Sonars, Radars, Echosounds, Beacons, GPS465
G.I. INDUSTRIA PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúEvaluation and Supply of Chemical Products, Comprehensive Treatment of Wastewater and Effluents, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Plants and Equipment689
GLOBAL PROCESSING SOLUTIONS S.A.C.ProcessingPerúHeat Exchangers, Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps557
GRANOTEC PERU S.A.ProcessingPerúNutritional Solutions and Biotechnology applied to Healthy Seafood865
GRUPO CBO - OCEANA ESTALEIROShipyardBrasilNaval Construction469
GRUPO FERNANDEZ JOVE - TEKNOSTEELShips & BoatsEspañaMarine Valves, Hydraulic Actuators, Fluid Driving and Control, Bushings or Seal for the Passage of Electric Cables and Piping, 457
GUY COTTEN S.A.SafetyFranceIndividual Protective Clothing for Rain751
HAARSLEV INDUSTRIES S.A.C.ProcessingPerúLamella Pumps, Evaporators Plants, Fismeal Coolers, Hammer Mills, RotaTube Dryers, Air dryers, Disc Dryers219
HAESUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureKoreaNylon Monofilament321
HAI SHENG INTERNATIONAL S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúArtisian Fishing Rods, Reels, Lines and Thrownet, Water Clothing667
HAN-A GLOBAL CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureKoreaFishing Nets, Twines, Ropes, Floats, Fish Hook703
HC GRUPOShips & BoatsPerúMarine Pumps, Propellers, Rudders, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Desalination, Water Treatment, Deck Equipment, Cranes, Winches, Davits, Antifouling Treatment, Couplings, Gensets513
HIDROSTAL S.A.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Pumps Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible for the industry in general, Electric Motors and Automation207
ICOMShips & BoatsPerúRadiocommunication Equipment and Systems545
INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS S.A.C.IndustrialPerúAutomation, Instruments, Process Control, Electricity, Pneumatic and Specialized Services115
INDUSTRIAS FIBRAFORTE S.A.IndustrialPerúCorrugated Roofs in Opaque and Translucent Polypropylene252
INTER ANDEAN TRADING S.A.C.ProcessingPerúConveyor Systems, Lifting Bands, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Level Sensors117
INTRALOX, LLCProcessingU.S.A.Modular Plastic Belting, Hygienic Belts and Components, Packaging Solutions, Automation Equipment417
INVERSIONES JAM S.A.C.SafetyPerúCCTV, Electrical Fences761
IOW GROUP, LLCProcessingU.S.A.Oil Centrifugal Separators205
ISOTHERM INC.RefrigerationU.S.A.Titanium Chillers, Condensers and Heat Exchangers161
ITALMECAN S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngine Control, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors, Winches, Trawl, Cranes, Hooks645
JK INVESTMENT S.A.C.IndustrialPerúTable Forklifts, Trucks, Car Ramp, Hoists, Hydraulic Elevators, Mobile Fans, Electricity Generators, Workshop Presses and Equipment271
JK SOMMEProcessingEspañaCan Seamers and Spare Parts for the Fish Canning Industry, Liquid Dispensers in Tin, Twist Off Capping Machines for Jars647
KHON KAEN FISHING NET FACTORY CO., LTD. - KKFNETSFishing & AquacultureThailandFishing Nets (Gill, Purse Seine, Trawl, others), Monofilament, Multifilaments, Polyethylene Twine, PE Net, Raschel Net 485
KINARCA, S.A.U.RefrigerationEspañaPlants, Liquid Ice, Pneumatic Locks, Compressors529
KOSSODO S.A.C.ProcessingPerúProtein Determining Equipment, Fat Extractor, Centrifuges, Laboratory Reagents, Glass Material, Estereoscope, Metrology Service445
KRAN SPAAquacultureChileSolutions based to the production of Nano Bubbles151
LA LLAVE S.A.ProcessingPerúFiretube Boilers, Steam Traps, Valves, Pumps, Air Compressors, Rotary Joints, Piping, Instruments677
LIMA CAUCHO S.A.IndustrialPerúFishing Hoses, Pneumatic Tyres640
LIQUI MOLY PERU S.A.C.IndustrialPerúOils, Additives and Oil Tanks637
MACGREGOR NORWAY ASShips & BoatsNorwayDeck Equipment Triplex brand729
MAN DIESEL & TURBO PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúDiesel Engines, Propulsion Systems, Turbochargers511
MAQUINARIAS S.A.IndustrialPerúLiftrucks533
MAQUINARIAS Y REPUESTOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines, Generators, Motor Pumps and Spares517
MARCO PERUANA S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúElectronic and Hydraulic Equipment505
MARINE ENGINEERS CORPORATION PANAMA INC.Ships & BoatsPanamáNaval Repairs, Operations Afloat, Underwater Inspections733
MC TRADE S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúPropellers, Transmissions, Clutches, Gear Boxes, Hydro Jets, Shaft Brakes, Cranes879
MCMURDO, INC.Ships & BoatsU.S.A.VMS, VDR & S-VDR, Safety Electronics: EPIRB, AIS MOB, RADIO, SART, PLB, AIS546
MERCANTIL S.A.IndustrialPerúChemical Products for Water Treatment and for General Industry861
METROLOGIA E INGENIERIA LINO S.A.C. ProcessingPerúMeasurement Equipment and Instrumentation, Pressure Gauges, Thermometers, Calibration and Certification of Scales and Contometros, scales693
MINISTERIO DE LA PRODUCCION - PRODUCEGovernmentPerúDesign, Establish, Execute and Supervise the general policy of the sectors of Fishing and Aquaculture623
MONTAJES CONSERVEROS DE GALICIA, S.L. - MCGProcessingEspañaCan Seamers and Fillers551
MSA DEL PERU S.A.C.SafetyPerúHelmets, Glasses, Hearing Protection, Harnesses, Gas Detectors, Retractables581
MULTIVALORES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúFishing Nets, Twisted Ropes, Galvanised Chains, Alternators, Regulators, Diesel Engines, Naval Hardware713
MUNICIPALIDAD METROPOLITANA DE LIMA GovernmentPerúSupport to the Artisan Fishing at Lurin, Punta Negra, Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, Pucusana, Chorrillos y Ancon239
MYCOM PERU S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúCompressors, IQF Tunnels, Heat Pumps, Condensers, Diffusers, Valves, Engineering, Design and Assembly of Refrigeration Systems583
NANRONG SHANGHAI CO., LTD.AquacultureChinaPaddle Wheel Aerator, Deep-Water Jet Aerator, Long Arm Aerator, Wave Maker, Shrimp Auto Feeder803
NAVALES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngine Controls, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors527
NETWORKING SAT E.I.R.L.Ships & BoatsPerúSatellite Trucking, Satellite Telephony, Satellite Maritime Internet668
NETZSCH PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúPositive Displacement Pumps347
NINGBO JUDIN SPECIAL MONOFILAMENT CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets313
NTN SUDAMERICANA S.A.IndustrialPanamáBearings, Bearing Mounting and Dismantling Equipment, Needle Roller Bearings, Fats633
OLDIM S.A.SeafoodPerúCanned Mackerel Fillet and Grated in Oil 1/2 Lb, Canned Tuna 1/2 Lb753
OLIVOS MAQUINARIAS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines and Generators875
ONG OANNESPublicationsPerúHispanic American Forum of Information Exchange about Sea Themes263
OPTIMAR ASProcessingNorwayComplete Factories for the Fish Processing, Full Design of Factories, IQF Freezing System, Automatic Freezing Solutions, Blast Freezing, Palletizing Systems413
PACK CENTER PERU DE CARLOS EDUARDO ICAZA EGUSQUIZAProcessingPerúOven for Drying and Dehydrated of Algae, Anchovies, Snails, Mussels, Fillets of Sardine and Anchovy, Packaging Equipment for 5 Kgs of Fishmeal, Shrimpmeal, Squidmeal, Packaging Equipment for 10, 25 and 50 Kgs273
PAITAN S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúOil Hydraulic for Vessels, Oil Hydraulic Pumps and Engines, Oil Hydraulic Controls, Systems of Government415
PERU ENGINES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines411
PESATEC PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Scales, Industrial Weighing Equipment159
POLIGRUP S.A.IndustrialEcuadorPlastic Meshes and Meshes Woven Green873
POLIMETALES S.A.C.IndustrialPerúStainless Steel Supplies, Plates, Rods, Piping, Valves, Connectores335
PROCHILEGovernmentChilePromotion of the Chilean Aquaculture Sector631
PRODUCTOS FORJADOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúPulleys, Blocks, Tuners, Cableguard160
PROYECTOS PESACON S.A.C.ProcessingPerúProcess Automation, Moisture Determination, Protein and Fat Analysis, Analytical Scales121
QUIMICOS INSUMOS Y MATERIALES S.A.C.ProcessingPerúRaw Materials for Fish and Seafood Processing: Antioxidant, Gel Refrigerant, Marinadores, Glazed763
RECUBRIMIENTOS MARINOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Coatings201
REDES NITTO PERU S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúTwisted Fishing Nets with and without knot, Floats, Products for Scallop Farming, Purse Seine Nets Manufacture and Maintenance679
REINTJES ESPAÑA S.A.U.Ships & BoatsEspañaMarine Reducers and Reversers473
RESET ELECTRONICA Y SISTEMAS S.R. LTDA.Ships & BoatsPerúSonars, Radars, GPS, Radios, Fishfinders701
REVISTA INDUSTRIA ALIMENTARIAPublicationsPerúFood, Fishing & Aquaculture, Agro-industry, Nutrition and Health, Ingredients and Additives, Packaging, Machinery and Equipment, and Engineering and Industrial Maintenance717
REVISTA PESCA & MEDIO AMBIENTEPublicationsPerúFishing and Evironmental634
REVISTA PESCA RESPONSABLEPublicationsPerúFishing & Aquaculture409
RICH FISHING - RICHAN NETTING - XIAMEN RICH FISHING & SPORTS CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaNylon and Polyester Nets, Nylon Monofilament Lines, Floats, Hooks555
RINGS AROUND THE WORLD, LTD.Fishing & AquacultureU.S.A.Gois Double-Roller Purse Rings with the internationally patented “secure push-button lock”333
RITMO S.P.A.IndustrialItaliaWelding Pipe and Sheets in PE484
ROBERT BOSCH S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Boilers655
ROBERTO TORRES A. S.A. - ROATSAIndustrialPerúIndustrial Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, Industrial Belts, Industrial Conveyors467
ROBINSON MARINE ELECTRONICS S.R.L.Ships & BoatsPerúRadars, Sonars, Echosounders, Autopilot, Radios, Plotters507
ROSOMA GMBHProcessingGermanyPlants and Equipment for Frozen and Canning Fish681
SANTO DOMINGO CONTRATISTAS GENERALES S.A.IndustrialPerúElectromechanical Engineering and Construction, Civil, Structural, Piping and Instrumental, Start-Up and Integral Maintenance of Industrial Plants674
SCANBELTProcessingChileConveyors Belts and Accessories685
SEPARATOR SPARES & EQUIPMENT, LLCProcessingU.S.A.Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, Plate Heat Exchangers. Spares & Service for Centrifuges, Purifiers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Oily Water Separators, Reverse Osmosis Watermakers, Decanters205
SES NETWORKSShips & BoatsLuxenburgoSatellital Connectivity723
SHANTOU YUNXING CHEMICAL FIBRE PRODUCTS FACTORY CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets and Ropes, Hooks, Leads, Floats, Compass, Fishing Knives, Life Jacket641
SHIPS MACHINERY INTERNATIONAL, INC.Ships & BoatsU.S.A.Propellers, Rescue Boats, Deck Equipment, Winches, Water Treatment Plants, Bilge Water Separator, Fire Fighting Systems, Rudders Systems129
SHYH YUNG FA FISHERY EQUIPMENT INC.Fishing & AquacultureTaiwanMonofilament and Multifilament Fishing Nets, Nylon Fishing Nets, Aquaculture Cages, Fishing Gears111
SIEMENS S.A.C.IndustrialPerúAutomation Technology683
SIMA PERU S.A.ShipyardPerúFishing Ship & Boat Construction and Maintenance695
SKAGINN 3XProcessingIcelandSub-Chilling and Fish Processing Solutions145
SOCIEDAD COMERCIAL BYS SPAIndustrialChileJetting Equipment151
SOCIEDAD DE ASESORAMIENTO TECNICO S.A.C. - SATInspections & CertificationPerúHealth Certification for Canned, Curados. Physical - Chemical and Microbiological Analysis. Scale and Weight Calibration, Thermometers, Gauges and Isothermal Equipment. Inspection of Plants and Warehouses267
SOCIEDAD NACIONAL DE PESQUERIA - S.N.P.AssociationsPerúNon-Profit organization that join Fisheries and Aquaculture Peruvian Companies that supply Fish and Seafood, Fresh, Canned, Frozen, other presentations, Fishmeal and Fishoil409
SOLUCIONES FOSS PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúFast and Reliable Analytical Solutions for the Assurance of Quality876
SOS SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúPolymeric Bearings, Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulator, Elastomeric Coating against Abrasion and Erosion127
SPENA GROUPAquaculturePerúAerators, Blowers, Water Analysis Kits, Recirculation Systems, Incubators, Oximeters, pH meters, Salinometers165
STRAPACK, INC.ProcessingU.S.A.Strapping & Banding Authomatic and Semi-automatic Machines331
SUPERINTENDENCIA NACIONAL DE ADMINISTRACION TRIBUTARIA - SUNATGovernmentPerúFishing & Aquaculture Tax and Custom Guidance297
SWISS CORP. AG. S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Electronic Equipment, Radars, Compasses, GPS, Beacons, Bilge Pumps, Sentine Pumps429
TAI ZHOU SEASHELL IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaNylon Nets169
TAIZHOU WANGFA ELECTROMECHANICAL CO., LTD.AquacultureChinaAerators, Paddles671
TERMOAMBIENTAL S.A.C.IndustrialPerúAxial and Centrifugal Fans, Filter Sleeves and Cartridge, Gas Scrubbers, Pneumatic Transport, Pressurization and Air Conditioning of Rooms, Valves, Engines635
TERMODINAMICA S.A.ProcessingPerúSteam Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Thermal Equipment, Skids Manufacturing, Natural Gas Regulation and Measurement Stations, Solutions for Automation, Instrumentation, Combustion and electric Tracing544
TFM INDUSTRIAL S.A.ProcessingPerúInkJet Coders, Thermo Transfer Encoders, Box Encoders, Metal Detectors, Weight Checkers, Robot Palletizers, Ph Controllers853
THAIS CORPORATION S.A.C.TradeshowsPerúFishing & Aquaculture, Gas, Security255
TOR-NET LP. SL. GRAN CANARIAFishing & AquacultureGran CanariaHex-Mesh and Diamond-Mesh Pelagic Trawls 755
TRITON INTERNATIONAL TRADING S.A.ProcessingPerúLamella pumps for Fish Unloading and Transport, Peristatic Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Effluent Treatment719
TTC DEL PERU S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúCondensers, Evaporators, Heat Exchangers, Water Coolers, Fishmeal Radiators Dryers, Ice Water Plants697
TURBO DE LOS ANDES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúTurbo Chargers709
V&S ASOCIADOS S.A. - STAR BRITEShips & BoatsPerúLubricants, Aditives for Fuel and Antifouling Paints666
VAPORTEC S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Boilers, Steam and Hot Water Lines715
VOLVO PERU S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines661
WARTSILA MARINE SOLUTIONSShipyardPerúFishing Boats, Ship Factories, Pelagic Boats, Stern Trawlers, Engine Ships, Propeller, Speed Reducers, Naval Design, Propulsion Service725
WEF PERU S.A.C.IndustrialPerúPneumatic Spares for Automation, Video Surveillance, Security869
WEIHAI YINQIU FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFloats, Ropes, Nets, Mesh Net for Breeding211
WKI TRADING S.A.C.ProcessingPerúMeat and Bones Separator279
WORLD MOTORS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngines and Generators411
WUCHUAN HONEST FISHING-NET CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets619
WUXI TAIYU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets, Twine, Rope and Filament, 673
YAMAHA MOTOR DEL PERU S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúOutboard Engines, Technical Services for Marine Engines663
YANGZHOU OCEAN FRIEND IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaNylon Nets629
YANMARShips & BoatsPerú100% Marine Engines549
YANTAI MOON CO., LTD.RefrigerationChinaTurnkey Refrigeration Projects, IQF Tunnels, Cold Storage, Ice Producer Plants, Evaporative Condensers, Compressors, Screws, Valves and Controls405
YARINA S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúRefrigerated Trucks, Evaporators, Condensers, Compressors for Refrigerated Trucks501
YIXING HUADING FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD.ProcessingChinaSeparation technology, Decanters, Filters, Mixers, Control System648
ZHANJIANG JINGWEI NET FACTORYFishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets, Ropes, Twine, Fishing Lines, Fishing Cage665
ZHEJIANG JU BAO FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets649
ZHOUSHAN XINZHOU FISHMEAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.ProcessingChinaFishmeal Equipment & Machines213