Exhibitor List 2017

ADITIVOS E INDUSTRIA S.A.C.ProcessingPerúAutomation of Plants, Pelletizer, Raw Material Dispenser, Hammer Mill139
ADM GALICIA, SLProcessingEspañaLines for Glazing, Cooking, Defrosting, Hydrating, Palletizing, On-Board Processing Plants115
ALITECNOProcessingPerúPlastic Containers, Plastic Bins, Buoys for Aquaculture, Sterilizers, Additives, Preservatives, Scales595
AMAZON FOODSSeafoodPerúFrozen Paiche (Arapaima gigas) Whole and Fillets, Frozen Gamitana (Colossoma macropomun) Whole and Fillets, Frozen Doncella (Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum) Whole and Fillets, Fish Feed (Tilapia, Paiche and Gamitana)726
AMERICAN VULKAN CORPORATIONShips & BoatsU.S.A.High Flexible Couplings, Cardan Shaft Couplers215
ANVIP PERU S.R.L.ProcessingPerúPackaging Materials, Digital Ink Printers, Thermotransfer Printers, Self-Adhesive Labels157
AQUAHOYPublicationsPerúPortal for Aquaculture Information159
AQUASERVICE S.A.AquacultureChileFish Pump, Fish Counter, Fish Selector145
ARIS INDUSTRIAL S.A.ProcessingPerúChemical Products for the production 451
ASAP CONSULTING GROUP S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúIndustrial Refrigeration Plants, Compressors RSW, Freezers, IQF Tunnels407
ASMAR SHIPYARDSShipyardChileFishing Boat & Ship Construction, Modification and Maintenance125
ASOCIACION DE PESCADORES ARTESANALES SAN PEDRO PLAYA EL SILENCIO PUNTA HERMOSASeafoodPerúPeruvian Rock Seabass, Peruvian Morwong, Peruvian Chita Grunt, Peruvian Blenny753
ASOCIACION GREMIO DE PESCADORES ARTESANALES DE LA CALETA SAN BARTOLOSeafoodPerúPeruvian Rock Seabass, Peruvian Morwong, Peruvian Chita Grunt, Peruvian Blenny, Sightseeing Boat Rides776
ASTILLERO ANDESA - PAITA - COREMASAShipyardPerúFishing Boat & Ship Construction, Modification and Maintenance325
ASYM INDUSTRIAL S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúCooling Rooms, Freezin Tunnels, Plate Freezers, Ice Producers, Processing Equipments for Canned and Frozen Products343
AXESATShips & BoatsPerúSatellite Connectivity, Fuel Levels, Temperature and Humidity, Pumping Systems327
AZ INGENIERIA Y MAQUINAS LTDA.ProcessingChileFishmeal Plants, Canning Plants, Waste Treatment Plants for Slaughterhouses, Stickwater Evaporators, Odor Control for Fisheries Plant369
BADINOTTI PERU S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Ropes, Yarns and Floats441
BEIHAI XINHONG HENGDA MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Rope Making Machine555
BEKINA BOOTSSecurity & SafetyBélgicaIndustrial Boots of Flexible Polyurethane of High-Quality and Thermal Insulation, Slip Resistant, Waterproof and Lighter593
BERENGUERShips & BoatsEspañaPort Facilities and Infraestrure, Commercial Ports, Marine Sports, Coastal Engineering and Coastline557
CADENT S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCalibration Services and Measurement Equipment Certification, Gauges, Thermometers101
CALDERAS INTESAProcessingPerúBoilers, Water Heaters, Water Softeners, Steam Kettles, Burners, Filters512
CAMARA BINACIONAL DE COMERCIO E INTEGRACION PERU - BRASIL - CAPEBRASAssociationsPerúNon-Profit Organization for the Promotion and Development of Commercial and Cultural Relations between Peru and Brazil537
CASA FISHING E.I.R.L.Fishing & AquaculturePerúMonofilaments, Monofilament Nets, Hooks137
CCI - PERU CONTINENTAL CONTICHECHShips & BoatsPerúAbsorbents in Bedpans or Docks, Big Hoses for Water Pumping, Underwater Shock, V Belts for Transmission307
CENTRO CORPORATIONFishing & AquacultureCoreaStainless Steel Swivels615
CHUMPITAZ FRITZ SERVICE S.R.L.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Decanters and Separators,Displacement and Rotary Pumps205
CLS PERUSatellite ServicePerúSatellite Tracking Service, Mapping Software, Oceanographic Services, Fleet Control Center217
CO METROLOGICA S.A.C,ProcessingPerúSupplies and Calibration of Measuring Instruments527
COMERCIAL AUTONAUTICA LTDA. - DIMARINEShips & BoatsChileOutboard Engines, HDPE Boats, Aluminium Boats, Semi-Rigid Boats, Nautical Accessories, Naval Security and Rescue Articles, Boat Trailers135
COMPRESORES DEL PERUIndustrialPerúCompressors of Piston, Screw and Gasoline, Head and Spare Parts for Compressors, Rental and Maintenance of Compressors, Air Dryers573
COMSATSatellite ServiceU.S.A.Satellite Communications Solutions127
CONSULTORA ECOSERVICIOS SPAAquacultureChileAquaculture Consultancy, Advisory And Training, Aquaculture Productivity Management, Water Recirculation Systems, Water Lifting and Water Treatment Systems, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Liquid Industrial Waste521
CONSULTORA MARTINEZ Y COMPAÑIA LTDA.AquacultureChileRainbow Trout Roe, Commercial and Economic Advice521
CORPORACION HORUS MAR S.A.C.ProcessingPerúEquipment for the Process Control, Electrical Components in Low and Medium Voltage105
CORPORACION MARA S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúIndustrial Protection, Anticorrosion Coatings, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Zinc Products, Anti-Fouling543
CORPORACION SELMAR S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSonars, Echosounders, Radars, GPS, Compasses, Marine Radios, Epirbs 355
CS BEAVER S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSlings, Strobes, Naval Chains, Steel Cables, Capes & Halyards, Pastecas, Motons, Manual Tecles, Winches, Lifting Accessories, Harnesses534
DASHA TECNICA E.I.R.L.IndustrialPerúIndustrial Electronics Services, Smart Board Assembly, Automation Projects, Energy Quality and Solar Generation, Training Center609
DEEP TREKKER INC.AquacultureCanadáSumersible Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with Camera for Underwater Inspections161
DELTAGEN DEL PERU S. A.ProcessingPerúAntioxidants517
DESARROLLO Y TECNOLOGIA INDUSTRIAL S.A.C. - DETECINIndustrialPerúPumps of Progressive Cavity, Gear and Lobes, Gaskets, Mechanical Seals, Thermal Insulation, Expansion Joints, Industrial Visors613
DEVOM S.A.C.Security & SafetyPerúIndustrial Boots, Aprons and Gloves165
DISTRIBUIDORA CUMMINS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines and Generators, Services for the Maritime Sector417
DRESDEN FI S.A.ProcessingPerúNutrients and Ingredients, Technology Transfer, Laboratory Services637
EBRO ARMATUREN PERU S.R.L.IndustrialPerúValves Butterfly, Knife, Gate, Check, Actuators641
EMPRESA DE CONSERVAS DE PESCADO BELTRAN E.I.R.L.SeafoodPerúCanned Tuna Fillets in Vegetable Oil and in Brine, Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil, Chunks of Jack Mackerel in Vegetable Oil, Jack Mackerel dressed in Vegetable Oil, Grated of Sardines in Brine, Anchovy dressed in Vegetable Oil and in Tomato Sauce721
EMPRESA PESQUERA ACAYSER E.I.R.L.SeafoodPerúScallops IQF Frozen, Giant Squid in Fillets, Tentacles and Fins Frozen in Block, Squid Frozen in Block and IQF, Canned Smoked Scallops in Vegetable Oil725
EMPRESAS RTIShips & BoatsChileHDPE Boats, Outboard Engines, LPG Equipment for Outoard Engines, Nautical Accessories525
ENVOLTURAS FLEXIBLES HUACHIPA S.A.ProcessingPerúFlexible Packaging109
EQUIMAG S.A.C. - EQUIPOS MAGNETICOS Y VIBRATORIOS S.A.C.ProcessingPerúMagnetic Plates, Racks and Traps, Housing with Magnetic Grille, Round Pipe with Magnetic Plates, Suspended Magnets, Vibratory Feeders, Vibrators, Metal Detectors, Lifting Magnets, Electromagnetic Vibrators563
EQUIMAP - EQUIPOS Y MAQUINARIA PESADA DIESEL S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines, Automatic Transmissions, Generators, Filtration Systems415
ESTRUCTURAS INDUSTRIALES EGA S.A. - CALAMINONRefrigerationPerúThermo-Insulating Panels, Refrigerator Doors, Floor Insulation, Assembly Profiles, Heavy Profiles, Translucents351
EVERIS INGENIERIAAquacultureEspañaAquaculture Projects, Design, Construction, Commissioning and Operation of a Plant for Aquatic Species Production777
EVOLUX LTDA.AquacultureChileLighting for Fish Photoperiod to Accelerate its Growth and Reduce its Maturation635
F.P.M. INTERNATIONAL N.V. (STEEN)ProcessingBélgicaSkinning Machines223
FAT DUCK E.I.R.L.Fishing & AquaculturePerúFishing Articles, Hooks, Fishing Filaments523
FEQUSA ING. S.A.C.IndustrialPerúCouplings, Clutches, Pneumatic Brakes, Geared Motors, Flexible Discs, Gimbals, Baskstops, Brakes, Couplings of Gears, Fixing Units, Chains475
FERREYROS S.A.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines433
FIBRAS INDUSTRIALES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Floats and Ropes for Fishing431
FIBRAS MARINAS S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Ropes, Floats, Chains409
FIMA S.A.ProcessingPerúDryer Systems, Odor Control, Stickwater Plants, Cookers and Fishmeal Coolers. Turn-Key Projects633
FISH VET GROUPAquacultureChileVeterinary Technical Assistance in Tilapias, Shrimps and other Aquaculture Species521
FISHING PARTNERS LTDA.AquacultureChileAdvice on Environmental, Health and Productive Problems of The Centers of Crops and Process Plants, Suspended Cultivation Systems for the Mussel Industry, Identification of the Best Places for Oyster Crops521
FLOTTWEG PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Separators, Centrifugal Disc Decanter, Tricante301
FLOW MACHINES S.A.C.ProcessingPerúDecanters, Polymers Mixing Machine, Pheristatic Pumps181
FMREM S.R.L.IndustrialPerúManufacturing, Maintenance and Repair, Reels, Winches, Power Block, Pumps, Hydraulic Engines, Circuits and Pistons, Absorbers, Multiplier Boxes131
FRANCISCO CARDAMA S.A.ShipyardEspañaFishing Boat & Ship Construction and Maintenance 425
FRIONORDICA ASRefrigerationNoruegaRSW Systems for Fishing Vessels, Titanium Chillers, Titanium Capacitors, Ice Making Plants, Heat Pumps407
FUNDICION PERU S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúSteel Casting, Couplings, Pulleys, Winches, Reels, Pump Boxes, Hook Rings, Polines & Roads; Rotary Tracks131
FUNDICIONES RICE, S.A. DE C.V.Ships & BoatsMéxicoMarine Propellers and Propulsion Systems577
FYRCOM S.R.L.IndustrialPerúHydraulic, Rubber and Canvas Hoses, Low Pressure Hoses, Industrial Clamps, Piping, High Pressure Fittings, Quick Couplings, Brakes, Gaskets, Black Iron, Pressure Washers, Vacuum Cleaners321
G&M SOLUCIONES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSonar, Radar, Echo Sounder, Beacon, GPS Navigator, Marine Monitor, HF and VHF Antennas, Satellite TV Antennas, Radio Tuner, Battery Charger443
GEOGAMAAquacultureChileEnvironmental Consultancy specialized in Oceanographic Studies to determine sectors with Productive Potential, Study of Winds, Waves, Currents, Oxygen, Carbon and Chemical Physics in Water and Sediments, Accreditation The Aquaculture Council521
GI INDUSTRIA PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúEvaluation and Supply of Chemical Products, Comprehensive Treatment of Wastewater and Effluents, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Plants and Equipment439
GRUPO SHARKS COMPANY S.A.C.Security & SafetyPerúVests Life, Hoops Life, Defence Buoys, Rescue Stretchers, First Aid Equipment, Fishing Reels, Fishing Nylon614
GUY COTTENSecurity & SafetyFranciaWater Clothing for Fishing623
HAARSLEV INDUSTRIES S.A.C.ProcessingPerúLamella Pumps, Evaporators Plants, Fismeal Coolers, Hammer Mills, RotaTube Dryers, Air dryers, Disc Dryers173
HAESUNG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureCoreaNylon Monofilament and Fish Supplies567
HAIAN HENGYE TEXTILE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Line545
HARBOR MARINEShips & BoatsPerúOutboard Marine Engines, Inboard Marine Engines, Marine Electronic Equipment, Radars, Compasses, GPS, Beacons, Bilge Pumps, Sentine Pumps401
HAUS CENTRIFUGUE TECHNOLOGIESProcessingTurquíaDecanters, Separators, Screw Press, Turbo Blower367
HC GRUPOShips & BoatsEspañaMarine Pumps, Propellers, Rudders, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Desalination, Water Treatment, Deck Equipment, Cranes, Winches, Davits, Antifouling Treatment, Couplings, Gensets 413
HIDROMEC INGENIEROS S.A.C. IndustrialPerúWater Pumps514
HIDROSTAL S.A.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Pumps Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible for the industry in general, Electric Motors and Automation219
HMT MARINE ENGINEShips & BoatsCoreaMarine Diesel Engine, Diesel Gen-Sets155
HYDRATECO S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúHydraulic Equipment and Accessories for Fishing Vessels 339
ICOMShips & BoatsU.S.A.HF and VHF Marine Radios, Marine Radars625
INDEXSAC - INDUSTRIAS NACIONALES DE EXPORTACION S.A.C.ProcessingPerúThermal Boxes, Refrigerating Rooms167
INDUSTRIAL MARITIMA DEL PERU S.A.C. - INDUMARShips & BoatsPerúRadars, Autopilots, Video Probes, Gyros, Nautical Charts, Magnetic Compasses, Barometers, Thermometers, Watches Log, Navigation Lights, Intercoms, Life Jackets575
INNOVACUA S.A.C.AquaculturePerúAdvice, Projects and Aquaculture Supplies605
INTER ANDEAN TRADING S.A.C.ProcessingPerúConveyor Systems, Lifting Bands, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Level Sensors117
INVERITAS GLOBAL HOLDINGS PERU S.A.Security & SafetyPerúRisk Management, Occupational Assessments, Hazardous Waste and Materials Courses605
INVERSIONES PESQUERAS LIGURIA S.A.C.SeafoodPerúCanned Fish, Residual Fishmeal, Crude Fishoil, Tuna as Raw Material, Canned Fish Maquila Service, Port Services732
INVERSIONES QUIAZA S.A.C.SeafoodPerúCanned Fillet of Tuna, Bonito, Mackerel and Jack Mackerel 1/2 Lb - Canned Chunks of Mackerel in Vegetable Oil 1/2 Lb - Canned Anchovy in tomato Sauce Oval and Tinapon - Canned Anchovy in Vegetable Oil Tinapon727
INVERSIONES TECNO COMERCIAL S.A. - INTECO ING. S.A.ProcessingPerúConveyor Systems, Transmission Belts, Hydraulic Hoses277
IP CONTAINERSProcessingCanadáInsulated Containers for Aquatic Products Treatment, such as, Shrimp, Squid and Fish Fillet among others565
IRBIS GLOBAL SOLUTIONSRefrigerationEspañaCold Facilities, Naval, Port, Food and Logistics. Compressor Units, Cooling Groups, RSW557
ISOTHERM INC.RefrigerationU.S.A.Titanium Chillers, Condensers and Heat Exchangers175
ITALMECAN S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngine Control, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors, Winches, Trawl, Cranes, Hooks423
JM SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.IndustrialPerúMechanical Gaskets and Seals, Process Pumps, Heat Losses Control, Industrial Flanges, Industrial Valves: Butterfly, Gate, Steam, Rupture and Safety, Abrasion Solutions149
JONAS MARINE SONARS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEchosounders, Sonars, Radars, Autopilots, Compasses, GPS, Communication Radios621
JORLE INDUSTRIAL S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Electronics (Sonars, Radars, Automaton Pilots, Echo Sounders, GPS, Gyrocompases, Radios), Deck Machinery, Hydraulic Oil, Hydraulic Tools, Lubrication Systems561
JOTUNShips & BoatsPerúMarine and Industrial Paintings brand JOTU, manufactured in Chile and Peru, under license of JOTUN A/S, norwegian company129
KINARCA, S.A.U.RefrigerationEspañaRefrigerated Plants, Compressor Units, RSW, Liquid Ice, Pneumatic Locks169
KONTINUER - ENGINEERING PROCESS & SOLUTIONProcessingBrasilComplete Solutions for the Processing of Fish Subproducts and Whote Fish221
KUMHO FISHING TACKLE CO.Fishing & AquacultureCoreaFishing Hooks553
LA.BRIN INDUSTRIAL S.A.C.ProcessingPerúEncoding and Portable Marking, Inspection of Contaminants, Industrial Instrumentation, Metrology and Calibration107
LGS MONTACARGAS PERU S.A.C.IndustrialPerúForklift357
LLOYD'S REGISTERInspections & CertificationReino UnidoIndependent Evaluation Services, including Certification, Validation, Vefification and Training. We are a global organization with presence in more than 120 countries591
LUBTECShips & BoatsPerúOils for Diesel Engines, High-Strength Lubricants for Transmissions and Gears, High-Performance Greases552
LUXMETER ENERGYAquacultureChileSubmersible Lighting for Aquaculture Industry, Industrial Led Lamps, Led Photoperiod, Weather Station, 4K Underwater Camera, Battery Bank521
MACGREGORShips & BoatsNoruegaFishing Vessels, Trawl & Purse Seine Winches 469
MACRO PLASTICS INC.ProcessingMéxicoPlastic Bins639
MAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúDiesel Engines, Propulsion Systems, Turbochargers179
MAQUINARIAS Y REPUESTOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines, Generators, Motor Pumps and Spares551
MARCO PERUANA S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúElectronic and Hydraulic Equipment405
MARINSA INTERNATIONAL INC.Ships & BoatsU.S.A.Marine Engines, Transmissions, Propellers, Hydraulic Starters531
MAXAR TECHNOLOGIESSatellite ServiceU.S.A.Fishing Location Service SeaStar, Monitoring Service of Red Tides, IUU Fishing Detection Service566
MAYEKAWA PERU S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúCompressors, IQF Tunnels, Heat Pumps, Condensers, Diffusers, Valves, Engineering, Design and Assembly of Refrigeration Systems447
MERCANTIL S.A.ProcessingPerúCoagulants and Flocculants for Water Treatment, Osmotech for Cleaning of Membranes for Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis, Activated Carbon, Calcium Hypochlorite542
MERCOFRIO S.A.RefrigerationArgentinaCompressors, Industrial Cooling Pumps, Capacitors, Heat Exchangers, Ice Producers, Refrigerator Systems, Power Boards and Commands347
MULTIVALORES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúFishing Nets, Twisted Ropes, Galvanised Chains, Alternators, Regulators, Diesel Engines, Naval Hardware533
MUNICIPALIDAD METROPOLITANA DE LIMAGovernmentPerúSupport to the Artisan Fishing at Ancón, Chira, Conchán, Herradura, Punta Hermosa, San Bartolo, Ventanilla715
NAVALES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngine Controls, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors 429
NETZSCH PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúPositive Displacement Pumps463
NUVEL S.A.C.ProcessingPerúChemical Products515
OCEANO SEAFOODSeafoodPerúGiant Squid Fillets, Giant Squid Cooked Slices, Giant Squid Rings, Seafood Mix, Scallops, Lobster, Mahi Mahi, Flying Fish Roe 719
OCEANS FREELive FishPerúLive Sea Fish, Freshwater Fish, Aquariums, Water Pumps 705
OLIVOS MAQUINARIAS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines and Generators313
ONG OANNESPublicationsPerúHispanic American Forum of Information Exchange about Sea Themes 151
OPTIMAR ASProcessingNoruegaEquipment for the Handling and Manipulation of Fish on Board, on the Coast and for Cooling, Freezing, Cooking, Packaging, Handling and Transportation315
PAITAN S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúOil Hydraulic for Vessels, Oil Hydraulic Pumps and Engines, Oil Hydraulic Controls, Systems of Government337
PERCAMAR S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNylon Fishing Yarns and Nets345
PERU CONTROLS SYSTEM S.A.C.Satellite ServicePerúControl and Satellite Telemetry for Boats133
PERU ENGINES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines 581
PESATEC PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Scales, Industrial Weighing Equipment171
PIURA SEAFOOD S.A.C.SeafoodPerúFrozen IQF Scallops , Criogenic Frozen Yellowfin Tuna Shashimi grade, Criogenic Frozen Sea Urchin723
POLYCHEM LTDA.ProcessingChileIsothermal Bins, Plastic Pallets, Floating Cages, Buoys153
PREMIS - REPRESENTACIONES ALIMENTICIAS S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCooking and Smoking Ovens, Flouring, Breading, Nugget and Burger Forming, Packaging, Knive Sterilising, Washbasin, Boot Washer, Shoe Sole Washer611
PROBRISA PERU S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúFishing Nets, Hooks, Swivels, Buoys, Floats, Steel Cable, Synthetic Ropes, Chains, Slings, Blocks, Pulley Blocks, Submersible Pumps, Hoses617
PROCESS PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY S.A. - PROPATECProcessingPerúPacking Equipment: Staplers, Baggers, Processing Equipment: Filling, Portioners, Cutters, Vacuum Systems449
PRODSER - PRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS S. A.AquacultureChileAdditives for Salmoniculture Mortality Silaging, Silauing Related Equipment, Integral Training and Industrial Processes in Process Plants and Cultivation Centers521
PRODUCTOS FORJADOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúPulleys, Blocks, Tuners, Cableguard177
PROYECTOS PESACON S.A.C.ProcessingPerúProcess Automation, Moisture Determination, Protein and Fat Analysis, Analytical Scales121
RECUBRIMIENTOS MARINOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Coatings103
REDES NITTO PERU S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúTwisted Fishing Nets with and without knot, Floats, Products for Scallop Farming, Purse Seine Nets Manufacture and Maintenance587
RENNER COATINGS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúCoatings for Fishing Vessels and Marine Platforms535
REPRESENTACIONES WESTFALIA SEPARATOR S.A.C.ProcessingPerúHeat Exchangers, Centrifugal Separators, Decanter, Polishing Machines113
RESET NAVALShips & BoatsPerúSonars, Radars, GPS, Radios, Fishfinders319
RESOURCE POWER GROUPShips & BoatsU.S.A.Spares parts and Service. Authorized Distributor from Mak, Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), turbos Napier, control systems Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa and Noris Controls119
REVISTA INDUSTRIA AL DIAPublicationsPerúIndustrial Publication513
REVISTA MUNDO ACUICOLAPublicationsChileMagazine and Portal specialized in Aquaculture and Fisheries that delivers up-to-date information on important production areas203
REVISTA PESCA & MEDIO AMBIENTEPublicationsPerúMagazine specialized in Fisheries & Environment547
ROBERT BOSCH S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Broilers249
ROBINSON MARINE ELECTRONICS S.R.L.Ships & BoatsPerúRadars, Sonars, Echosounders, Autopilot, Radios, Plotters403
ROSOMA GMBHProcessingAlemaniaCan Seamers and complete Systems for Onshore and Onboard Fish Processing516
SAEPLASTProcessingCanadáPlastic Containers, Plastic Bins, Buoys for Aquaculture595
SAUTAquacultureChileMonitoring and Control Solutions of Productive Processes in the Aquaculture Industry521
SECURITY JAMSecurity & SafetyPerúSecurity, CCTV279
SEPARATOR SPARES & EQUIPMENTProcessingU.S.A.Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, Plate Heat Exchangers. Spares & Service for Centrifuges, Purifiers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Oily Water Separators, Reverse Osmosis Watermakers, Decanters201
SERCOSTA S.A.C.SeafoodPerúGiant Squid Fillet - Giant Squid Fillet - Steak - Giant Squid Fillet 3 Skin Off - Giant Squid Wings - Giant Squid Tentacles - Whole Squid Loligo - Mahi Mahi Fillet - Mahi Mahi Portions718
SERVICIO E INVERSIONES IRCAquacultureChileBiotechnological Solutions for Aquaculture, Bio-Safety and Safety, Consulting of the Stages of Production of Aquatic Organisms, Consulting and Internal Audit for International Certifications521
SERVICIOS INDUSTRIALES DE LA MARINA - SIMA PERU S.A.ShipyardPerúFishing Ship & Boat Construction and Maintenance585
SIEMENS S.A.C.IndustrialPerúAutomation Technology, Electric Motors, Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Mechanic Couplings, Speed Variable Drives, Motor Boot System and Protection, Measurement Instruments for Level, Pressure, Flow, Temperature564
SIGELECProcessingPerúIndustrial Electrical Equipment and Parts, Lighting, Cables, Power Inverters, Clamps589
SIRSA TITANIO INC.RefrigerationU.S.A.Titanium Heat Exchangers163
SMC CORPORATION PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Automation349
SOLTRAK S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúLubricants and Greases Chevron559
SOLUCIONES EN PROYECTOS DE ALIMENTOS - SPAProcessingPerúPasteurisers, Sterilizers, Homogenizers, Separators, Mixers, Level Sensors, Hot Water Systems, Labelling, Sanitary Pumps, Sanitary Valves, Tanks, Flow Meters, Thermometers, Mobile Carts107
SOS SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúPolymeric Bearings, Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulator, Elastomeric Coating against Abrasion and Erosion333
SPENA GROUP S.A.C.AquaculturePerúAerators, Blowers, Water Analysis Kits, Recirculation Systems, Incubators, Oximeters, pH meters, Salinometers287
STABELL S.A.ProcessingChileSpecialized Consulting for the Food Industry, Process Analysis, Process and Machinery Optimization, Design and Implementation of New Lines of Processing, Design and Execution of Turnkey Projects, Layout and 2D and 3D Animation610
STORD INTERNATIONAL ASProcessingNoruegaTwin Screw Press544
SUDAMERICANA DE RODAMIENTOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúBearings, Chains, Seals, Industrial Belts, Sellos Mecánicos, Mechanical Seals207
SUR SOLUTIONSAquacultureChileEquipment for Water Quality Monitoring and Control, Water Purification, Control Supplies for Food Processing Plants, Chemical Measurement and Control Systems, Photometers, Fast Tests521
SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES PARTNERSHIPServicesU.S.A.Advice for the Development of Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs), Advice for the Development of Local or International Buyer Engagement736
TAIZHOU SAILING FISHING NET CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets511
TECMAQUIND S.A.C.ProcessingPerúLarge Squid Laminator, Anchovy HG Cutting, Cephalopods Tentacles Slice Cutting, Tuna and Mahi-Mahi Saw Cutting Machine, Ice Breakers309
TECNOLOGIAS DE LA SEPARACION S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCentrifuges, Solids Separator (Decanters), Heat Exchangers, Automation Systems627
THAI INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITEDFishing & AquacultureTailandiaPE Fishing Nets and Twine, PP and PE Ropes111
THAIS CORPORATION S.A.C.ServicesPerúTradeshow of Fishing & Aquaculture (November), Security (May), Gas (October), Agent and Distributor Service, Sales Agent of Canned Fish245
TRITON INTERNATIONAL TRADING S.A.ProcessingPerúLamella pumps for Fish Unloading and Transport, Peristatic Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Effluent Treatment607
TROUTEX APS E.I.R.L.AquaculturePerúTrout Roe, Aquaculture Equipment473
UNIPLAST - UNITRADE S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIsothermal Containers, Plastic Pallets, Frozen Trays, Containers, Cylinders, Floats for Aquaculture, Buoys and Defenses629
VAPORTEC S.A.C.ProcessingPerúIndustrial Boilers, Steam and Hot Water Lines583
VEHICE - VETERINARY HISTOPATHOLOGY CENTERAquacultureChileMulti-species Veterinary Histopathological Center dedicated to Animal Health giving Prevention and Diagnostic Solutions to the main production species.521
VMC REFRIGERACION S.A.RefrigerationArgentinaCompressors, Evaporators, Ice Producers, Freezing Tunnels, Capacitors, Heat Exchangers, Electrical Boards347
VOLVO PERU S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines 571
WARTSILA VOYAGEShipyardArgentinaFishing Boats, Ship Factories, Pelagic Boats, Stern Trawlers, Engine Ships, Propeller, Speed Reducers, Naval Design, Propulsion Service283
WEIHAI YINQIU FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFloats, Ropes, Nets, Mesh Net for Breeding211
WENGER CORPORATEProcessingU.S.A.Extruders & Dryers599
WHEREXAquacultureChileElectronic Platform (web) of Tenders for the Purchase of Goods and Services for the Aquaculture and Fisheries Industries521
WINROB PERU S.A.C.AquaculturePerúSubmersible Robot for Underwater Inspections604
WORLD MOTORS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngines and Generators581
WORLD SURVEY SERVICES PERU S.A.C.Inspections & CertificationPerúCertificación Oficial para Lotes de Exportación de Harina y Aceite Crudo de Pescado. Ensayos Microbiológicos y Químicos en la Cadena Operativa de Productos Hidrobiológicos en Laboratorio619
XIAMEN RICH FISHING NETS CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaNylon and Polyester Nets, Nylon Monofilament Lines, Floats, Hooks331
YAMAHA MOTOR DEL PERU S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúOutboard Engines, Technical Services for Marine Engines445
YANAMEDIAServicesPerúVisual Marketing for Fisheries & Aquaculture Products477
YANGZHOU HAIXIN TEXTILE MACHINERY CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Rope Machine603
ZHEJIANG HAILUN ROPE AND NET CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Polypropylene and Polyester Ropes541
ZHOUSHAN XINZHOU FISHMEAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.ProcessingChinaFishmeal Equipment & Machines213