Exhibitor List 2023

3R INGENIERIA S.A.C.IndustrialPerúIndustrial Instrumentation169
ALFA LAVAL S.A.ProcessingPerúSeparators, Centrifuges, Heat exchangers, Boilers, Industrial Pumps 349
AMAZON MOTORS S.A.IndustrialPerúSpare Parts for Engines 341
AMERICAN VULKAN CORPORATIONShips & BoatsU.S.A.High Flexible Couplings, Cardan Shaft Couplers215
AMOCON ENTERPRISERefrigerationIndiaCompressor Spares, Valves & Controls for Industrial Refrigeration129
ANGELNET BPAquaculturePoloniaBraided Sinking Ropes, Purse Seine Leadlines, Braided Floatrope Seine Nets447
APTEIN S.A.C.IndustrialPerúValves, Pumps and Hoses127
AQUASERVICE SPAAquacultureChileFish pumps, fish sorters, fish counters. UVl filters572
ASAP CONSULTING GROUP S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúIndustrial Refrigeration Plants, Compressors RSW, Freezers, IQF Tunnels313
ASMAR SHIPYARDSShips & BoatsChileRepair, hulling, lengthening and modernization of fishing vessels. Rubber and rigid keel boats.125
ASTILLERO ANDESAShipyardPerúShipbuilding and Maintenance407
ASTILLERO CORP FUNGShipyardPerúShipyard, Repair and Construction of Fishing Vessels351
AZ INGENIERIA PERUProcessingPerúEngineering Services, Evaluation and Optimization of Fishing Plants, Evaporators, Presses, Kitchens, Fishmeal Plants, Fish Mincers, Displacement Pumps, Insulating Paints369
BADINOTTI PERU S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Ropes, Yarns and Floats441
BIOLAN MICROSENSORESProcessingChileEnzymatic biosensors for the analysis of histamine in fish and sulfite in prawns115
BOLETO MAQUINA EVISCERADORA - GUTTING MACHINEProcessingDinamarcaFish Slaughtering Machines, Hoppers and Fish Elevating Conveyors.109
CADENT S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCalibration Services and Measurement Equipment Certification, Gauges, Thermometers101
CASA FISHING E.I.R.L.Fishing & AquaculturePerúMonofilaments, Monofilament Nets, Monofilament Nets, Hooks477
CATRI PERURefrigerationPerúFreezing Tunnels, Plate Freezers, Cold Doors, Evaporators, Condensers345
CINTRANAVAL SHIP DESIGNShips & BoatsEspañaShip Design and Engineering Services157
CLS PERU S.A.C.Satellite ServicePerúTelecommunications and Satellite Tracking Service 615
CODELPA PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine and Industrial Paintings brand JOTU, manufactured in Chile and Peru, under license of JOTUN A/S, norwegian company117
COLEGIO DE INGENIEROS DEL PERU - CONSEJO DEPARTAMENTAL DE LIMAServicesPerúOne of the main Chapters grouping the largest number of engineers specialized in Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineering.526
COLPER GROUP S.A.C.IndustrialPerúCable trays, Steel straps, Outlets and plugs, Industrial automation, LED luminaires, and Atex products.418
COMPAÑIA DEL EMPAQUE Y EMPAQUETADURAS S.A.C.IndustrialPerúIndustrial Gaskets, Teflon Sheets and Cords, Silicones, Non-Asbestos and Asbestos, Viton, Rubbers, Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, Ceramics, Ferrosel, Fiberglass, Kevlar, Tapes, Teflon Fabrics and Meshes, Oring, Adhesives547
COMPAÑIA QUIMICA INDUSTRIAL S.R.LTDA.ServicesPerúLaboratory Equipment - Industrial Chemicals107
CONSORCIO EFM S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúElectronic Equipment for Fishing, Navigation and Communications111
CONTROLES DE FLUIDOS Y AISLAMIENTOS TERMICOS S.A. - COFASAIndustrialPerúSealing and Industrial Filtration Elements536
CORPORACION HIDRAULICA TECNICA S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúHydraulic Equipment for Fishing - Hoisting, Friction, Combination Winches - Cranes - Power Block423
CORPORACION SELMAR S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúWholesale of Electronic and Telecommunications Equipment, Parts and Pieces - Repair of Consumer Electronic Devices.307
CST GROUPSatellite ServicePerúGeolocation and Industry Projects 631
DATASUR PERU E.I.R.LServicesPerúImport and Export Information Service537
DELTAGEN DEL PERU S.A.ProcessingPerúAntioxidants for fishmeal and fish oil, Phosphates, Enzymes, Chelating agents445
DESARROLLO Y TECNOLOGIA INDUSTRIAL S.A.C. - DETECIN S.A.C.IndustrialPerúPumps, Gaskets, Plates and Tools571
DETROIT POWER SYSTEM PERU LIMITADA S.R.L.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines, Onboard Power Generators and Ship Automation Systems581
DEVOM S.A.C.Security & SafetyPerúIndustrial Boots, Aprons and Gloves147
DISTRIBUIDORA CUMMINS PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngines, Generators, Filters, Coolants, Lubricants, Spare Parts, Epp's457
DOIG MARINE - GREEN OFFSHOREShips & BoatsPerúConsulting, Drydocking, Stripping, Sandblasting, Painting, Repair and construction of Tugboats, Supply, Pilot Boat, etc.131
DURALITE INDUSTRIESShips & BoatsIndiaFishing Floats165
ECOTRONICA S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEchosounders, Sonars, Radars, Autopilots, Compasses, GPS, Communication Radios133
ELECTRIC PERFORMANCE S.A.C.Industrial AutomationPerúPortable Solar Panels, Power Stations, Portable Welding Equipment155
EQUIMAG / ERIEZProcessingPerúMagnetic Plates, Racks and Traps, Housing with Magnetic Grille, Round Pipe with Magnetic Plates, Suspended Magnets, Vibratory Feeders, Vibrators, Metal Detectors, Lifting Magnets, Electromagnetic Vibrators563
EQUIPOS MAGNETICOS Y VIBRATORIOSProcessingPerúMagnetic and Vibrating Equipment: Magnetic Separators, Vibrating Screens, Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders543
EQUIPOS Y MAQUINARIA PESADA DIESEL S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines, Automatic Transmissions, Generators, Filtration Systems343
FASECORIndustrialPerúRepair and Manufacture of Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers. 622
FERREYROS S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Engines433
FIBRAS INDUSTRIALES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Floats and Ropes for Fishing431
FIBRAS MARINAS S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Ropes, Floats, Chains409
FISHMAN S.A.C.ProcessingPerúVacuum Discharging Equipment, Lamella Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps 171
FLOTTWEG PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Separators, Centrifugal Disc Decanter, Tricante219
FLOW MACHINES S.A.C.ProcessingPerúCentrifugal Decanters, Coagulants and Flocculants171
FMREM S.R.L.IndustrialPerúManufacturing, Maintenance and Repair, Reels, Winches, Power Block, Pumps, Hydraulic Engines, Circuits and Pistons, Absorbers, Multiplier Boxes507
FOSSProcessingPerúFOSS is the creator of comprehensive solutions that improve the quality of food, from the raw material to the finished product. Our analytical instruments go beyond measurements and allow companies to optimize their production.621
GEA GROUP / GEA PERUANA S.A.C.ProcessingPerúSeparation Equipment331
GLOBALPLASTAquaculturePerúHigh Density Polyethylene Pipes, Fittings and Geomembranes 151
GRATT INDUSTRIA E TECNOLOGIA AMBIENTALProcessingBrasilDecanter and Tridecanter Centrifuges, Disc Centrifuges, Floats, Sludge Dryers, WWTP, PTAP.”460
GRUPO OLIVOSShips & BoatsPerúMarine propulsion systems (engine, transmission, propeller) Brand Weichai & Baudouin551
GUANDONG ICESNOW REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.RefrigerationChinaIce Equipment: Crushers, Flake Ice, Tube Ice, Cube Ice, Block Ice, Flake Ice Evaporator, Low Temperature Water Chiller521
GUY COTTENFishing & AquacultureFranciaWater Clothing for Fishermen627
GYEME S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSonar, Radar, Echo Sounder, Beacon, GPS Navigator, Marine Monitor, HF and VHF Antennas, Satellite TV Antennas, Radio Tuner, Battery Charger511
HAESUNG ENTERPRISEFishing & AquacultureCorea del SurNylon Monofilament and Fish Supplies527
HAIAN HENGYE TEXTILE IMPORT AND EXPORT CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets561
HAUS CENTRIFUGE TECHNOLOGIESProcessingTurquíaDecanter Centrifuge - Centrifugal Separator - Turbo Blowers - Screw Press453
HC GRUPOShips & BoatsEspañaMarine Pumps, Propellers, Rudders, Propulsion Systems, Gearboxes, Spare Parts, Ventilation Systems, Desalination, Water Treatment, Deck Equipment, Cranes, Winches, Davits, Antifouling Treatment, Couplings, Gensets413
HELICES CABALLEROShips & BoatsPerúMarine Propellers and Propulsion Systems593
HUNAN XINHAI CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaAquaculture Nets - Purse Seine Nes - HDPE Floating Net Cauge - Bottom Trawl Nets - Polyester Nets - Nylon Nets - Nylon Ropes625
ICOMShips & BoatsPerúHF and VHF Marine Radios, Marine Radars301
IDRE S.A.IndustrialPerúBearings, Seals, O-Rings, Mechanical Seals, Belts, Tools, Couplings, Chemical Products, Services207
IFLUSACIndustrialPerúFire System, Detection and Alarm System, Steam and Condensate System, Natural Gas System, Compressed Air System113
INDUSTRIA AL DIAPublicationsPerúDigital and Specialized Media offering information on products, services, events and technological innovations on industrial companies in our environment.524
INDUSTRIAL MARITIMA DEL PERU S.A.C. (INDUMAR PERU)Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Electronics, Service and sales of communication and navigation equipment. Nautical Charts and Publications415
INDUSTRIAL PROCESS S.R.L. - INPROCESSIndustrial AutomationPerúSolenoid Control and Modular Valves - Pressure Switches and Manometers - Temperature Sensors, Thermometers and Thermostats - Pressure Transmitters - Frequency Variators - Control and Force Panels - Installation and Maintenance Service.325
INDUSTRIALES QUIÑONES S.A.C.IndustrialPerúInstrumentation, Industrial Procurement and Metals 165
INDUSTRIAS AC CALDERAS S.A.C.ProcessingPerúFuel Saving and Low Emission Boiler Systems315
INGENIEROS & TECNICOS EJECUTORES S.A.ProcessingPerúBoilers, Water Heaters, Water Softeners, Steam Kettles, Burners, Filters139
INNOVACUA S.A.CAquaculturePerúAquaculture: Equipment and Supplies. Water Treatment: Equipment and Kits. Recirculation System and Aquaponics. Reincubation and Fry Rooms. Probiotics and Artemia Cysts. Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Fish and Shrimp Diseases.532
INTER ANDEAN - PREDYMAQProcessingPerúConveyor Systems, Lifting Bands, Vibration Monitoring Systems, Level Sensors179
IPESAIndustrialPerúGenerator Sets and Engines443
ISOTHERM INC.RefrigerationU.S.A.Titanium Chillers, Condensers and Heat Exchangers175
ITALMECAN S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngine Control, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors, Winches, Trawl, Cranes, Hooks425
JET - QROMAShips & BoatsPerúMarine Paints419
JM SERVICIOS Y SUMINISTROS S.A.C.IndustrialPerúPackings and Mechanical Seals, Process Pumps, Heat Loss Control, Industrial Sight Glasses and Flanges, Industrial Valves: Butterfly, Gate, Steam, Rupture and Safety, Abrasion Solutions149
JORLE INDUSTRIALShips & BoatsPerúMarine Electronics (Sonars, Radars, Autopilots, Echo Sounders, GPS, Gyrocompasses, Radios), Deck Machinery, Oleo Hydraulics, Hydraulic Tools, Lubrication Systems, Lubrication Systems, etc.319
KINARCA S.A.U.RefrigerationEspañaRefrigeration equipment137
KROST INGENIERIA S.A.C.ProcessingPerúProcess and Equipment Automation. Engineering services, manufacturing and installation of equipment for process optimization in flour plants.478
LGS MONTACARGAS PERU S.A.C.IndustrialPerúForklifts617
MACGREGOR NORWAY AS Ships & BoatsNoruegaIn collaboration with shipyards, shipowners, and operators, we innovate, design, and develop more sustainable products, services, and solutions that last a lifetime. Everything is designed to perform with the sea.465
MAQUINARIAS Y REPUESTOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúSales of engines, generator sets, diesel motor pumps589
MAQUIPROCESOS E.I.R.L.ProcessingPerúSpecialized in Metalmechanics and Metallic Structures605
MARCO PERUANA S.A. / SOLUCIONES PESQUERASShips & BoatsPerúElectronic and Hydraulic Equipment405
MASTER SIProcessingPerúValves, steam products and instrumentation.141
MAXAR - SERVICIO DE LOCALIZACION PESQUERA SEASTARFishing & AquacultureU.S.A.Fishing Location Service, Red Tide Monitoring, Fishing Detection573
MAYEKAWA PERU S.A.C.RefrigerationPerúCompressor units, RSW unit, telemetry for temperature in warehouses, chambers and tunnels, IQF tunnels, control systems for refrigeration and engineering systems.135
MC TRADE S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Transmissions, Propellers, Hydrojets, Gearboxes, Couplings, Cranes, Electronic Controls641
MERCANTIL S.A.ProcessingPerúCoagulants and Flocculants for Water Treatment,Osmotech for Membrane Cleaners for Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis, Activated Carbon, Calcium Hypochlorite217
MITOR REFRIGERACION INDUSTRIALRefrigerationPerúIndustrial Refrigeration Equipment, Condensing Units, Chillers, Ice Makers, Monoblock Refrigeration Systems, Evaporators, Air Coolers305
MITSUBISHI MARINE ENGINEShips & BoatsU.S.A.Marine Engines451
MOBIL / LUBTECIndustrialPerúLubricants Marketing and Lubrication Solutions Services471
MOVITECNICA S.A.IndustrialPerúSteel Cables, Hoists, Slings, Bridge Cranes, Hydraulic Trucks, Radio Controls, Conveyor Belts533
MULTISTEER Y MULTIFLEXShips & BoatsPerúMarine Products515
MULTIVALORES S.A.Fishing & AquaculturePerúFishing Nets, Cables, Galvanized and Contrete Chains, Naval Hardware.531
NANTONG SINROFREEZE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.RefrigerationChinaRefrigeration Systems, Plate Freezer, Spiral Freezer, Tunnel Freezer501
NANTONG XUANFEI FISHING CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaYarns221
NAUTILUS COMPANYShips & BoatsPerúHigh-density polyethylene cans309
NAVALES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúEngine Controls, Hydraulic Pumps, Net Sensors429
NETZSCH PERU S.A.C.ProcessingPerúPositive Displacement Pumps223
NUMAQIndustrial AutomationPerúProcessing, Rendering, Wastewater Treatment629
OANNESAssociationsPerúAsociación Civil sin Fines de Lucro, we are the most important Spanish American Forum for the Exchange of Information on Sea, Rivers, lakes or lagoons.701
OESTERGAARD KONTINUERProcessingBrasilFishmeal equipment475
OPTIMAR ASProcessingNoruegaMachinery and Equipment for Fish Processing516
ORGANISMO NACIONAL DE SANIDAD PESQUERA - SANIPESGovernmentPerúInvestigate, regulate, supervise and audit the entire production chain to ensure the Health and Safety of Fisheries and Aquaculture, through the Qualification and effective and timely Sanitary Certification, with the purpose of protecting life and pu803
OVERALL EQUIPMENTIndustrialPerúErgonomic industrial seating for the marine sector420
PAITAN INGENIERIA Y SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúOleohydraulics for Vessels, Oleohydraulic Pumps and Motors, Oleohydraulic Controls, Steering Systems541
PERU CONTROLS SYSTEM S.A.C.Satellite ServicePerúSatellite telemetry, management and control213
PERU ENGINES S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Diesel Engines, Auxiliary and Industrial Engines, Generator Sets, Marine Transmissions, Power Take-Off, Spare Parts and Services603
PINTER PERU S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Paints205
PRILABSA AquaculturePerúFeed, Probiotics, Additives, Equipment and Chemicals for the Aquaculture Industry609
PROBRISA PERU S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúNets, Hooks, Restraining devices, Buoys, Floats, Wire ropes, Synthetic ropes, Chains, Strobes, Slings, Sling blocks, Strobes, Slings, Sling blocks, Motors, Submersible Pumps, Hoses361
PTG FRIONORDICA ASRefrigerationNoruegaRSW systems for boats, heat pumps, heating and cooling for aquaculture on land and for boats. Titanium condensers - "Spray Chillers", Ice Plants, Freezing Plants.313
QINGDAO QIHANG FISHING CAGE CO., LTD.AquacultureChinaCircle Cage, Square Cage & Fish Pen Cage, Break Water277
QUIMICOS GOICOCHEAFishing & AquaculturePerúChemical Supplies for the Fishing Sector163
RECUBRIMIENTOS MARINOS S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine Paints205
REDES NITTO PERU S.A.C. Ships & BoatsPerúFishing buoys, steel wire ropes, fishing lines, steel chains, fishing floats, underwater lights, fishing nets573
REINTJES ESPAÑA S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine propulsion173
REPRESENTACIONES MAZZETTI S.A.C.IndustrialPerúIndustrial and food grade lubricants452
RESET ELECTRONICA Y SISTEMAS S.R.L.Satellite ServicePerúGas Detectors, UTI, Calibration, GPS navigation, Autopilot Navigation, MF/HF Radios, Satellite Communication403
RESOURCE POWER GROUPShips & BoatsU.S.A.Spares parts and Service. Authorized Distributor from Mak, Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), Turbos Napier, Control Systems Heinzmann and Regulateurs Europa and Noris Controls119
REVISTA PESCA & MEDIO AMBIENTEPublicationsPerúFishing & Environment Magazine203
RICE PROPULSIONShips & BoatsMéxicoMarine Propellers and Propulsion Systems597
ROBERT BOSCHProcessingPerúIndustrial Boilers143
ROBINSON MARINE ELECTRONICS S.R.L.Satellite ServicePerúEcho sounders, Radars, Sonars, Communications and Equipment355
SEPARATOR SPARES & EQUIPMENTProcessingU.S.A.Aftermarket & Genuine Spare Parts for Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia Separators, Plate Heat Exchangers. Spares & Service for Centrifuges, Purifiers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Oily Water Separators, Reverse Osmosis Watermakers, Decanters201
SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO., LTD.AquacultureChinaAerators: Impeller Aerators, Waterwheel Aerators, Water-cooled Wave Pushers, Wave Pusher Aerators, Aerator Accessories569
SHANGHAI CLIENT DIESEL ENGINE CO., LTD.Ships & BoatsChinaMarine Engine, Marine Gearbox, Propeller Shaft, Outboard Engine577
SOLENISProcessingPerúEvaluation and Supply of Chemical Products, Comprehensive Treatment of Wastewater and Effluents, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Plants and Equipment439
SOLUCIONES PREDICTIVAS E.I.R.L.Fishing & AquaculturePerúVidometer, Analyzer, Axis Aligners, Videoscopes, Dynamic Balancers, Dynamic Balance514
SPENA GROUP S.A.C.AquaculturePerúAerators, Blowers, Water Analysis Kits, Recirculation Systems, Incubators, Oximeters, pH meters, Salinometers181
STORD INTERNATIONALProcessingNoruegaPrensas de Doble Tornillo555
SWISSCORP AG S.A.C.Ships & BoatsPerúOutboard Marine Engines, Inboard Marine Engines, Marine Electronic Equipment, Radars, Compasses, GPS, Beacons, Bilge Pumps, Sentine Pumps401
TAIZHOU WINSTRONG IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets and Ropes529
TECNIFAJAS S.A.IndustrialPerúBearings, Bearings, Seals, Mechanical Seals, Belts, Pulleys, Chains and Couplings. Preventive Equipment and Maintenance. Torque and Bolt Tensioning Tools. Hydraulic Hoses and Connections. Connections, Clamps, Adhesives and Sealants.613
TECNOLOGIAS DE SEPARACIONFishing & AquaculturePerúCentrifuges, Stoves in general, Decanters for press broth treatment, heat exchangers, etc.167
TEKNOSTEEL S.A.C. Ships & BoatsPerúNaval Valves, Pipe Fittings and Unions, Naval Electrical, Measurement and Control, HTS-Cable Sealing, Weeprop Propulsion, Steel Chains and Anchors, Navigational Instrumentation, Industrial and Marine Refrigeration.417
TERMOMETAL PERU S.A.C.IndustrialPerúThermal Insulating Panels, Metal Roofs 633
THAIS CORPORATION S.A.C.ServicesPerúExpo Pesca - Acuiperu - Seafood Lima245
THORDON BEARINGS INC.Ships & BoatsPerúPolymeric Bearings for Propulsion and Government, Polymeric Wear Coatings, Nano Ceramic Thermal Insulator, Elastomeric Coating against Abrasion and Erosion177
TOTAL REFLECTIVESecurity & SafetyPerúTelas reflectantes523
TRES REYES - PISCOS Y VINOSIndustrialPerúAdvertising Led Screens. 703
TRIALLOY INTERNATIONAL S. A.IndustrialPerúPumps in general and Valves455
UNIPLASTProcessingPerúIsothermal Containers, Plastic Pallets, Frozen Trays, Containers, Cylinders, Floats for Aquaculture, Buoys and Defenses105
UNITED OCEAN´S S.A.C.SeafoodPerúAnchovy, Mackerel, Bonito, Conger, Silverside: Whole, Fillet, Pieces, Slices, Egg Cups, Fresh, Refrigerated, Frozen

Squid, Giant Squid, Octopus: Tubes, Tentacles, Rings, Pieces, Fillets.
VAPORTEC CALDERASProcessingPerúBoilers539
VEOXFishing & AquaculturePerúUnderwater Robotics, Consulting and Training in 4.0 Technologies, Automation, Geospatial Platforms and Artificial Intelligence567
VULCANO METALS S.A.C.Fishing & AquaculturePerúBronze Pieces related to the Fishing Industry and Shipyards534
WEIHAI FLY YOUNG SPORTS CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFlotadores para Pesca161
WEIHAI YINQIU FISHING TACKLE CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFloats, Ropes, Nets, Mesh Net for Breeding211
WM WIRELESS & MOBILE PERUIndustrial AutomationPerúMobile Solutions for Business: Handheld Computers, Barcode Readers, Barcode Printers, Dataphones, Access Point and Antennas503
WORLD MOTOR SACShips & BoatsPerúMarine Diesel Engines, Auxiliary and Industrial Engines, Generator Sets, Marine Transmissions, Power Take-Off, Spare Parts and Services603
XIAMEN RICH FISHING NETS CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets519
XIMESA S.A.C.ProcessingPerúHarvest crates, collection garbage cans, pallets, industrial crates, buckets, buckets459
YAMAHA MOTOR DEL PERU S.A.Ships & BoatsPerúMarine engines, Aquatic engines469
YANGZHOU HAILI PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD.Fishing & AquacultureChinaFishing Nets509
YNG S.A.C.ProcessingPerúFirst Quality Packaging "Cartonplast"463