Temporary Import

Products to be exhibited in this Fair may be temporarily imported into Peru without paying Import Duties or presenting Bank Guarantee.   As soon as the event is over, the Exhibitor’s must remove their samples from the Centro de Convenciones Jockey to an Authorized  Temporary Warehouse where samples should complete 120 calendar days authorized by law for regularization. During this period products must be nationalized or reexported.

Samples under a Temporary Import must only be moved from Customs to the Fairgrounds.

To process this benefit, the exhibition samples should be sent by cargo and not as Exhibitor’s baggage.  The Exhibitor who wishes to have a Temporary Import should request a written Exhibitor’s Evidence (Constancia de Exhibidor) to The Organizer, because this document is mandatory by Customs to clear the products.

Brochures, Office Supplies, Clothing, Food, Giveaways or any other product to be distributed free of charge during the Fair, must not be shipped together with exhibition samples, because these products can not be temporary imported and must pay import duty at entrance.


The Peruvian Customs do not accept the FOB price declared by The Exhibitor for the brochures.  Customs will fix the FOB price at the rate of US$ 8.00 per kilogram and  import duty is about 33% on CIF Advalorem.

The Organizer has appointed as Official Freight Forwarding Agent for this event, Non Exclusive, to the following company: 


Parque Los Próceres 178
Pueblo Libre, Lima 21

Tel:  (511) 462-1556  -  653-0804
Contact:     Javier Cáceres
General Manager
Cel:      (511) 992-492-828
E-Mail:  jcaceres@southagencies.com
Skype:  peru.javier
Contact:  Gina Puccio
Customs Coordinator
Cel:     (511) 998-122-671
E-Mail: gpuccio@southagencies.com  



The Exhibitor may use the services of this Agent or any other for the Transport of their Exhibit Samples from their country to Peru, or to process clearance of samples from Peruvian Customs, or to move samples from Customs to the Booth.