Why Exhibit?

Figas & Vehiga is the largest meeting place in Latin America to sell Equipment, Supplies & Services for Industrial, Residential and Vehicular Gas.

The economic development of Peru, the boom in the Construction of New Homes, Shopping Centers, Casinos, Clubs, Schools, Universities, Hotels, Restaurants, as well as the strong importation of Vehicles has created a strong demand for Gas Equipment and Services.

Among the Gas products that have the best demand are Boilers, Compressors, Generators, Ovens, Industrial Engines, Conversion Kits, Cylinders for CNG and LPG, Dispensers.

Peru has been home to the fastest growing economy in South America during the current decade.

Peru has a population of 31.8 million people (75.7% Urban and 24.3% Rural).

Peru is an open market. There are no barriers or limitations on imports and the exchange of foreign currency is free.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has included Peru in the "Premium" category for its excellent macroeconomic and monetary management.

We invite you to participate in Figas & Vehigas 2022 and become familiar with this expanding emerging market.